To address the scarcity of highly skilled technical and vocational specialists in Ukraine’s job market, the TECHNOLOGIA GROUP takes proactive steps to train and develop of young professionals. We provide students with opportunity to interact with potential employers and gain practical experience in the real production environments of our enterprises while they are still learning.

TECHNOLOGIA GROUP demonstrates a strong interest in popularizing technical professions among the young people and enhancing the quality of education. This interest is evident through our active participation in the establishment of a dual education system in Ukraine. This innovative educational model enables students to combine theoretical instruction in educational institutions with practical skill development in real production settings under the guidance of experienced mentors. As an employer, we consider this approach to be ideal for launching the careers of young specialists, as it facilitates accelerated professional growth and social adaptation.

In this context, the TECHNOLOGIA GROUP started its active work in 2008 through a fruitful collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering College of Sumy State University. Together, we introduced an innovative specialty called “Printing Production” aimed at training highly specialized workers – printers. In 2017, we took the initiative to establish a dual education center, representing the idea to the management of both the Mechanical Engineering College and Sumy State University. This visionary idea received support from local and central authorities as well.

The project named “NEW LIFE” was a result of teamwork and financial support from all participants. It took nearly three years to implement. Thanks to this project, the Mechanical Engineering College, with a history of over a century, updated its educational programs, introduced new specialties, and acquired four modern laboratories with advanced equipment. Additionally, six classrooms were renovated to meet the needs of modern students.

beforeandafter 3

beforeandafter 2

TECHNOLOGIA GROUP expresses gratitude to Mykola Mykolayovych Antykov, a former director of the Mechanical Engineering College of Sumy State University, for his consistent support in the development and innovation in producing skilled professionals. We are proud to continue our successful partnership with the college’s new management team, working together to enhance the project of student education through the dual education approach.

The first modern dual education center in the region caters to the current job market demands and offers high-level training for students specializing in “Publishing and Printing” and “Industrial Mechanical Engineering.” The center follows specialized programs such as “Metal Processing Technology on Machine Tools,” “Technology of Polymer Pieces Manufacturing on Automatic Lines,” and “Polymer Processing Technology.”

Today, students from the Mechanical Engineering College of Sumy State University have the valuable opportunity to gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills through hands-on experience in the enterprises of the TECHNOLOGIA GROUP. Within a real production setting, students learn flexographic printing techniques and operate advanced universal machines. They actively participate in the production of polyethylene film using extrusion methods, which is later utilized in the manufacturing of boot covers on an automated production line. The high quality of the final products is ensured applying the cutting-edge laboratory equipment, allowing students to conduct various research studies. Moreover, the students at the dual education center can join practical exercises related to supply chain management for the market.

The “NEW LIFE” project has been a pioneer in introducing dual education in the region, demonstrating its effectiveness and potential. It serves as a shining example of how collaboration between educational institutions, businesses, and the government can contribute to the development and modernization of the country’s education system. The implementation of dual education in Ukraine holds great potential for training qualified professionals, attracting investments, and enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy.


Dual education offers a unique opportunity to get a firsthand inner workings experience of your future profession and find practical solutions to real-world challenges that go beyond the classroom. Unlike traditional educational programs, dual education places a stronger emphasis on practical training. Upon graduation, students who have undergone dual education are well-equipped to work with modern technology, possess a deep understanding of various technological processes, and have gained valuable experience collaborating with seasoned industry professionals.

Dual education bridges the gap between theory and practice, hones students’ practical skills, and prepares them to tackle the demands of the job market with confidence.


Adaptation to job market demands: Dual education allows the creation of an educational process that caters to the needs of the job market. It ensures the preparation of skilled professionals and bridges the gap between employer requirements and graduates’ knowledge.

Practical skills: Students get the opportunity to acquire practical skills by working directly at companies. This helps them tackle real-life tasks more effectively and builds confidence in their abilities.

Partnerships with businesses: Implementing dual education strengthens collaboration between educational institutions and companies. Businesses act as mentors and provide students with access to modern equipment and technologies.

Enhanced employability: Graduates of dual education have higher chances of finding employment as they already possess practical experience and knowledge that align with employers’ needs.

Dual education provides the opportunity to learn and work concurrently, allowing students to gain practical work experience in their chosen field while studying.

We invite prospective students who dream of a successful career in the technical sphere to join the dual education program at Mechanical Engineering College of Sumy State University. Our team of experienced professionals eagerly awaits new students who are ready to deepen their knowledge and acquire valuable practical experience directly in the industry.

Dual Techno_ENG_min

Learning through dual education offers students extensive opportunities to grow and achieve their professional aspirations. Don’t let this unique opportunity slip away! Join our thriving and pioneering community, shaping the future of our city and industry.

We look forward to meeting you on the journey to accomplishments and great success!

The sparkling wine capsule atop the wine bottle is the pinnacle of winemakers’ hard work. Therefore, when it comes to the capsule production, TECHNOLOGIA JSC gives a lot of attention even to the smallest detail, so that your wine bottle has a perfect look on a supermarket shelf or on a restaurant table. In Part 1 we have already started to explore how your packaging ideas come alive in our production. We invite you to continue our virtual tour. We have no doubt that together we can tell your brand story and capture the hearts of wine lovers.

4. Technical task development and capsule production planning

When the order is finally approved, the sales manager coordinates the terms and production details with the planning department, which organizes the full production cycle: material production and formatting, printing, and capsule production. Planners together with production technicians start working on the technical task. Planning and automation of production processes give us the opportunity to produce high-quality products in the shortest possible timeline.

5. Materials manufacturing for capsules production

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own production of polyethylene films, multi-layer laminate, top disc and tear-off tape, using various types of raw materials. We have solid experience and analyse wine market packaging needs on regular bases. Our own materials’ production allows us to fulfil individual exclusive orders. A wide range of flexible polylaminate thicknesses (from 50 to 120 microns) allow us to supply capsules for most bottles used for bottling wine. In this way, we can meet the needs of winemakers focused on mass production and those working on exclusive wines.

6. Image printing on the canvas of future champagne capsule

After lamination and cutting, the finished material is moved to printing sector. Full colour printing machines allow us to print any image on the capsule and highlight the elements you would like to point out. Our colour laboratory allows us to reproduce the accurate colour of the product from run to run and significantly reduce time and material costs.


7. Sparkling wine capsules finishing and winding

At this stage, our capsules are decorated and winded into the finished product. Depending on the type of material and approved design, TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers many finishing options for sparkling wine capsules: grooving, perforating, colour foils hot stamping, embossing, large top disc, UV labels and UV images, etc. We can also produce capsules without or with medallion of different shapes. Owing to the wide finishing techniques, our sparkling wine capsule will come a real art of packaging and make your wine bottle stand out!

8. Quality control at every stage of production

To ensure constant high quality of the final products, our quality department controls many parameters at once at every stage of production. The quality certificate is issued for each batch of goods.

Along with control activity, our quality department is engaged in research. In the laboratory with special equipment, we test the physicochemical and physicomechanical properties of raw materials, as well as the geometric parameters of the final products and their compliance with the gold standard samples. We also test our capsules in close-to-real conditions, when simulate the production environment of our clients and research them against various requirements.

9. Packaging and delivery to the client

After the order has been fulfilled, the managers prepare the necessary documents and plan the shipment. We pack each order according to the client’s requirements and transport to any country in the world.

We treat our work with the absolute respect and honour for your brands. On the path from the first client request to the long-term cooperation, TECHNOLOGIA JSC assists customers grow their businesses through our highly functional wine & spirits packaging production process.


Together with the supply of standard and premium sparkling wine capsules, Technologia JSC offers more packaging solutions for wine & spirits:

Write us at capsule@technologia.com.ua. We will help you bring to life the bold packaging ideas for your wine brand.

Brands pursue to create an emotional bond with potential consumers. That is one of the reasons why so much attention is paid to packaging design. Wine bottle capsules have the same important purpose: to attract attention and talk about the product. Consumers research confirms that people prefer packaging that not only guarantee the product safety, but also has an aesthetic appearance and is easy to open.

Sparkling wine capsule is a part of wine culture. It presents the brand and talks about winemaking traditions. Capsules were first used in the 18th century to protect the cork in the bottleneck during storage, transportation, and aging. This was especially important for wines that were intended for long cellaring before consumption. At first the capsule served as a barrier between the cork and the environment: it protected the cork and the wine in the bottle from deterioration due to mould, insects, and rodents. Capsules also helped to identify wines during horizontal storage in wine cellars. Later, it became a tamper-evident device against adulteration of wine and an element of bottle identity, with the help of which brands still communicate with their customers.

Why do winemakers use sparkling wine capsules today?

1. Saves the bottleneck from the direct contact with dirt, moisture and protect the cork from deterioration and desiccation.

2. Guarantees the quality purchase, proving bottle integrity from the bottling place to consumer hands.

3. Provides better brand awareness as create a total-look brand identity together with the bottle label.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC specializes on packaging manufacturing for food & beverages as well as wine & spirits. Sparkling wine capsules production is one of business activities of TECHNOLOGIA JSC. Today we are talking about the place of sparkling wine capsules in winemaking and invite you to walk the capsule production path from customer’s idea to final performance.

We provide the full production cycle of sparkling wine bottle capsules: from film and polylaminate production, engineering and equipment manufacturing to printing and finishing. We care about the perfection of our capsules even in the smallest details to reflect the authenticity, elegance, and passion of your brand.

All these facts determine our advantages:

– ideal production planning,

– verified suppliers of raw materials,

– coordinated team of professionals,

– short production time,

– quality control at each production stage,

international certification according to ISO standards,

– fast delivery to any country in the world.


process of sparkling wine capsules production

1. Coordination of order details with the client

Sales managers support the process of capsules manufacturing from the order placement to the final product delivery and keep in contact with each client after sale.

2. Research & Development of sparkling wine capsules

During the discussion of order details sales manager can invite our R&D center. Our R&D engineers and designers’ team can develop individual packaging solutions based on client’s needs and design choices to get a real art of packaging in a result.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC experienced R&D center can provide:

3. Sparkling wine capsule design and approval

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own design studio. Our designers work on each project continuously from the moment we have received a new order to the final product performance. In constant cooperation with the R&D center and production technologists, designers develop and finalize the capsule design, conduct pre-press procedures, and order the necessary tools for printing and finishing. Developing future sparkling wine capsule design layout, we aim to meet all the customer packaging needs: capsule size, type of material, colour, finishing and protection details, additional elements (tear-off tape, perforation, airholes), etc. When the design is finally approved with the customer, preparation for direct manufacturing begins.

Next steps on the way of sparkling wine capsule production please read on the part 2.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are the priority vectors of development for TECHNOLOGIA GROUP. Under present-day conditions it is extremely important for business not only to develop production and invest in the development of the local community, but also takes care of environmental safety and nature protection. Building of modern cleaning system for industrial emissions at the plant of flexible packaging production was a significant step to meet the growing society demand for a healthy and clean future

In 2019 with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and a grant from the European Union the company “GUALAPAK UKRAINE”, which is a part of TECHNOLOGIA GROUP, built and put into operation a modern solvent recuperation station. This installation allows to implement a closed cycle of raw materials usage and recovery, reduce harmful emissions into the air by almost 100%, increase energy efficiency and improve production technology.


The project was implemented in 1 year and 3 months. All installation work was performed by local engineer-constructors from Sumy city. All the requirements of Ukrainian and European standards regarding the cleaning level of industrial emissions were maintained during construction. The station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is managed by only one person. The operator can control the mechanism even remotely, using a special software installed on a phone.

By means of the installed solvent recovery system, we minimize emissions into the atmosphere and reuse recovered raw materials in production. The recuperation process is an effective solution to maintain the environment clean and to implement the principles of sustainable development for TECHNOLOGIA GROUP generally, since GUALAPAK UKRAINE LLC also supplies recycled solvents for the other plants. TECHNOLOGIA JSC regularly purchases secondary solvents from the recuperation station for its production needs.

Using the solvent recuperation system, 99% of chemical waste is re-used in production cycle again, when previously was disposed.

Solvent recuperation system advantages:

This project is aimed to increase the efficiency of resource consumption and prevent climate change. Its implementation became for the TECHNOLOGIA GROUP one of the significant step forward the UN Global Sustainable Goals. Maximum reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, raw materials recycling, willingness to invest in high-cost and long-term solutions is our way to build circular economy in Ukraine today.

Environmental concerns become more visible among contemporary consumers, so more and more people consider if the product and its packaging is eco-friendly when making a purchase decision. TECHNOLOGIA JSC as sustainable packaging manufacturer applies the principles of sustainable development in its production process, doing everything possible to minimize waste, reduce energy and non-renewable resources consumption. Eco-friendly packaging solutions allow us to contribute to nature protection, while drawing the attention of food & beverage as well as technical manufacturers to look at the environmental sensitivities of their customers as well.

Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies indicatively estimates stand-up flexible packaging the market leader among packaging materials in 2022 due to the demand for light, compact and convenient packaging among end consumers. The Super Pouch market had the highest growth rate among all packaging types. Read full research of flexible packaging market trends in our blog.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has been producing Super Pouch since 2017. Closed production cycle, starting from own production of polyethylene film, combined materials and closures to the end packages manufacturing and printing, is the guarantee of our product quality, because we carefully control all technological processes at every stage and test the end products in our modern laboratories. When manufacturing Super Pouches, we focus on such important elements as strength and tear resistance, food safety, product shelf-life extension and freshness preservation, as well as its protection from environmental influence.

Super Pouch VS Traditional rigid packaging

We produce our products thinking about sustaining the nature for future generations, but at the same time we strive to maintain the high efficiency of the packaging.

Eco-friendly benefits of Super Pouch packaging

1. Less plastics consumption

Comparing production of different packaging types, Super Pouch manufacturing requires less plastics, because flexible packaging has more compact size and less weight, while containing the same amount of the product. For example, production of 1L Super Pouch package uses 57% less plastic compared to the production needs for 1L plastic bottle. And to produce T-Tap Low we use up to 44% less plastics due to the size reduction without losing functional properties.

2. Reducing the transport impact on the environment

Our packaging is made in Europe, so it travels shorter distances to the end consumers, with lower fuel costs and a lower carbon footprint than other traditional packaging options. Moreover, Super Pouches are light and flexible, that allows us to transport much more packages in one truck. Flexible packaging allows to minimize the number of trucks for delivery compared to rigid packaging.

3. Innovative materials

Flexible Super Pouch packaging was designed to minimize the use of packaging materials. Developing the projects of Super Pouch packages for each client, we select the most suitable materials to meet the needs in packaging for each product. We use materials such as PE, EVOH, PET, metPET to create highly efficient but sustainable packaging solutions. We manufacture combined materials based on these components, thus controlling that your product inside our package is perfectly protected from sunlight, oxygen, moisture, UV rays, microbiological contamination, and other environmental factors.

Furthermore, our R&D department is constantly working to find solutions to reduce the impact of Super Pouch production on the environment:

4. Extending the shelf life of the product – reducing the amount of food waste

Together with the development of innovative materials, we are improving our technologies to produce mechanisms for dispensing system. Our T-Tap dispenser provide convenient portioning and hermetic capping that help preserve products longer and reduce food waste.

T-Tap closes immediately after you stop affect the lever. A special mechanism inside ensures minimum oxygen permeability, increasing the shelf-life of your product. Also, we offer T-Tap with foil membrane to prevent dirt and bacteria contamination.

5. Investments in innovation promote waste sorting

We offer our customers the production of standard black T-Tap using an alternative NIR-Detectable black pigments. We also started manufacturing T-Tap Natural without using carbon black pigment to facilitate the sorting and recycling of our dispensers.

SUPER POUCH: eco-friendly packaging production


Responsibility in such fields as honest business conduct and uninterrupted supply, creation of decent working conditions and environmental protection are the basis of our corporate culture on the way to sustainable development and building circular economy. We aim to preserve the essential functions of the packaging while minimizing the impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. Lower use of resources, easier transport, barrier properties that protect the products, sorting and recycling have a positive effect on the sustainability of flexible packaging.

In 2022 TECHNOLOGIA JSC as a responsible packaging manufacturer for the food industry received the highest AA grade to produce Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging under BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials.

To contact our team, write to baginbox@technologia.com.ua

We are always ready to offer an individual flexible packaging solution just for your unique product!

Nowadays sustainable business has the challenge to balance between current development, the needs of future generations, and available environmental resources. Few years ago, TECHNOLOGIA JSC already took the first steps to make our environmental ethics a reality. Therefore, sustainability and climate protection are the basis for our corporate culture to develop and achieve sustainable development strategies.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC principles of sustainability

Sustainability is not just about environmental protection, but also concerns for social equity and economic growth. Our strategy to meet UN Global Sustainable Development Goals undelights how sustainability is part of everyday life for TECHNOLOGIA JSC. The basis to meet global sustainable development goals is a continuous business extension process and support of three key directions: “people” – “innovations and investments” – “saving the planet”.


We are open and transparent in our business relations. We are doing our best to provide competitive and attractive working conditions. To guarantee well-being and job satisfaction for our employees we provide access to lifelong learning and possibilities for career growth. We aim to improve the life quality of Ukrainians by promoting sustainable economic development and the social support of local communities.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has a cooperation strategy with educational institutions for employees’ professional development and to support young specialists. We are proud of our dual education project we have created in 2017 so that students can get valuable practical experience combining studies with paid internships at the workplace. Connecting the theoretical knowledge with practice, young specialists can learn more efficiently to use their skills during their professional life. Moreover, as part of the dual education project, not only students, but also teachers can intern at the company. Lifelong education, social guarantees and bonuses help us maintaining a healthy work environment and cultural values.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC actively promotes the development of local communities and provides protection and support to the most vulnerable groups. In 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TECHNOLOGIA Charity Foundation which focus our support on the reconstruction of children’s medical institutions and the purchasing of medical equipment, financial support for orphanages, and other social programs. In 2020 Charity Fund «Business to City» was established together with our partners to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC regularly upgrades and improves its production facilities to withstand global challenges. We carry out research and development of new technical solutions via continuous investments in modern production facilities. Though the total supply chain we make an effort to cut CO2 emissions, reduce plastic and energy consumption and to increase the waste disposal and recycling volume based on promotion of innovative technologies. Investments in ecological modernization of production facilities guarantee production reliability to keep up with EU ecological requirements.

Exhaust air cleaning system, heat recovery compressor system, innovative R&D solutions, returnable packaging programs help us to minimize carbon footprint, save up to 40% electricity, achieve zero solvent evaporation into the atmosphere, cut plastic consumption and waste accumulation. Over the past 3 years we have achieved 25% waste reduction due to technical innovation, production planning, KPI analysis and professional development.


In 2018-2019 TECHNOLOGIA JSC implemented Environmental Management System in all our production sectors. Full environmental certification according to ISO 14001:2015 standard allowed us to achieve most of our primary goals:

Among other environmental activities TECHNOLOGIA JSC annually contributes to Sumy city urban greening. Our employees with their families every year participate to municipal «Green Planet» project.

We have already achieved a lot of sustainable goals, but still have many ambitious targets we want to accomplish along the way to the circular economy. We are committed to this common goal owing to the strong ambition to make our products the art of sustainable packaging.

Welcome to read our annual Sustainability Report and follow us at social media!

One of the youngest and at the same time oldest among the Flensburg rum manufacturers is the Castenschiold Vestindien Rum Company. The Owner and brand founder Sönke Castenschiold, is a direct descendant of Jørgen Carstensen, who sailed to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas in 1694 and established the very first sugar plantation and started exporting the most exceptional, aged rums to Europe. Today we want to speak with Sönke regarding Castenschiold brand development and cooperation with TECHNOLOGIA JSC.

castenschiold rum

To begin with, we would like to briefly share the Castenschiold Rum story. In the Flensburg city, where Castenschiold Rum brand takes its roots, we can look back on a long tradition of rum manufacturers. The precious sugar cane for production sourced directly from the Danish colonies of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. When the city was a part of the Danish kingdom, there were over 200 rum companies that benefited from trading with the Caribbean colonies. Unfortunately, now there is hardly anything left of this glamor of the 18th and 19th centuries.

A father of Castenschiold rum, Jørgen Carstensen was a 16-year-old Flensburg orphan, when he sailed to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas in 1694. There he worked for his uncle, the governor of the island. It wasn’t long before the first pots of Kildywel – the early form of rum, were exported to Denmark under the supervision of his uncle. By purchasing the Mosquito Bay estate and other profitable decisions, Jørgens son Johan Lorentz consolidated the family’s influence in the sugar and rum business. Johan Lorentz was knighted in 1745 for his services to the Danish Crown, taking the family name Castenschiold.

Based on long family tradition in the sugar and rum business, Castenschiold developed a rum that should prove to be proud of its long history. Yes, first it was legendary Castenschiold Signum Rum. Further rums have followed. Today, Castenschiold has four spirits in its portfolio: The Castenschiold Signum Rum, Castenschiold Governors Rum, Castenschiold 1864 Rum as well as the Castenschiold Hjemkomst Rum.

Castenschiold Rum launched its Castenschiold Signum Rum at Christmas time 2017. We used a small but exclusive way to show our customers that we are available by using companies that liked our idea to revive a family history of rum manufacturers after 325 years.

To be honest, I have never heard about you before your manager contacted me one day since he knew about our very professional graphic designer from Argentina. He saw that our label could be enhanced to a «superb» level, which we then did together. I’ve just took a chance and trusted your team.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC has demonstrated that there is always a way of improvement in label design. We already had a very luxurious appearance of our brand and label, but special “touch” of your professionals to the design pushed our existing and new label to a new level.

At the very beginning of our cooperation TECHNOLOGIA JSC showed a number of high-end label projects – we were fairly impressed. Especially ALU embossed and debossed labels, which we think JSC TECHNOLOGIA has unique production experience in.

From the first moment the work with JSC TECHNOLOGIA was very friendly, positive and target orientated. We developed warm personal relations with our contact person during our first mutual project. We are confident that further projects with TECHNOLOGIA JSC will follow in future.


The collaboration between Castenschiold Rum family brand and TECHNOLOGIA JSC began in 2020 when our manager spotted some weak points in the existing packaging and immediately put forward the idea to improve the sharpness of Family Coat of Arms, which is now an embossed aluminum label with delicate details and polished golden foil. We also printed a paper label using offset printing on a textured paper, decorated with gold foil stamping and high-build varnish.


Wants to make your product design special? Write to us at label@technologia.com.ua.
We have a number of outstanding ideas for your label design!

Every manufacturer aims to catch clients’ first impressions. That’s why product visual plays an important role in the creation of brand appearance and is a unique message to the buyer, which helps to identify the product and increase brand awareness. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the brand name of a liked drink, but buyers will remember its original packaging.

Creating an attractive packaging is one of the most effective ways to encourage a buyer to buy your product among dozens of competitors. Marketing research shows that the packaging design of a new product at market plays a decisive role in making a purchase decision for more than 60% of buyers. This indicator exceeds the result of the influence of television advertising in several times.

Packaging design for wine & spirits industry has its own characteristics. A happy blend of color, shape, materials, and fonts makes the spirits bottle visual more expressive, recognizable, and eye-catching for true brand fans.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has many years of experience working on packaging projects for world leaders in sparkling wines production. Our design bureau, together with production technologists, develops the exquisite decorations for champagne bottles of various shapes, colors, and structures using only high-quality materials of our own production. Our professionalism in film extrusion and foil lamination, as well as extensive experience in the production of sparkling wines capsules and wirehoods, self-adhesive labels printing, allowed us to become one of the world leaders in packaging for wine & spirits industry.

Wine & spirits packaging design trends

Modern trends in the development of packaging for wine and spirit beverages help manufacturers to emphasize their individuality and create a strong emotional connection between brand and its fans. Designers, marketers and packaging manufacturers work together to ensure that the shape, color and decoration of the bottle are harmoniously combined and reflect the history and character of the drink inside the bottle in the best way.

Recent years show that global trends in sparkling wine bottles designing are developing in two directions:

1. Maintenance of the classic style of the champagne bottle, which emphasizes the brand loyalty to the long-standing winemaking traditions. It is based on an elegant color scheme, a lot of gold or silver, heraldic elements, decorative or Gothic fonts. The idea of this trend is to create a special mood, a feeling of touching history, balancing between the past and the present.

2. The development of a modern champagne bottle design style, boldly demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovation and experimentation. The modern design uses bright or pastel colors and trendy elements and images that are unconventional for the wine industry, which evoke bright associations and play out a whole show on store shelves. Creating such an emotional connection arouses the buyer’s curiosity and encourages him to buy.

Champagne and sparkling wine bottles packaging features

Packaging and labeling are the last stages of any product on its way to the consumer. The process of packing champagne or any sparkling wine is as follows:

Visit our blog to read more about wirehoods

For more information about the production of champagne capsules, follow the link

How we print premium self-adhesive labels, read on our webpage.

montage-coiffe 001

Complex packaging solution for sparkling wine bottle

TECHNOLOGIA JSC is a well-known and reliable manufacturer and supplier of packaging for the wine & spirits industry. We are convinced that a comprehensive approach to the design and manufacture of each element of the champagne or sparkling wine bottle packaging is always a guarantee that all the bottle packaging elements will be perfectly combined with each other.

For more than 25 years, we have specialized in the production of sparkling wine capsules, wirehoods and self-adhesive labels for wine & spirits brands from more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Each of our projects is an individual work, we strive to make it unique from the design development stage to the industrial production process, so for us it is not just a business, but the art of packaging.

Looking for optimized eye-catching packaging solutions for your bottle of sparkling wine, designed perfectly for maximum product and brand protection, shipping efficiency, and sustainability? Please reach our managers at capsule@technologia.com.ua, to learn more about our bottle decoration options.

We offer design development for maximum brand protection, optimization of transport costs and sustainable development of your business.

To predict the future of the packaging market, it is wise to investigate the development history and analyze the current market trends to see the vector of the packaging market movement. There are many obvious market trends today that have both positive aspects and those that need to be improved. For client-oriented suppliers, market trends analysis can help to forecast the guidepath of the packaging industry.

Three key trends of the flexible packaging market development are evident today. Let’s analyze them together:

1. E-commerce upswing

Long-term COVID-19 pandemic isolation forced people to switch to online shopping for large volumes of long-lived commodities as well as fresh food and daily necessities on an ongoing basis. The overgrowth of the e-commerce market forced manufacturers and sellers to look for new options for convenient and reliable packaging. As a result, the demand for flexible packaging in the food sector has quickly increased during 2020-2021. The industry continues fast-growing: from food safety assurance and shelf-life extension to innovative barrier solutions, strong printing, easy-to-use, and recycling.

As an example, manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages started to use flexible Bag-in-box and Super Pouch packaging. Moreover, large volume packages became very popular. Such a solution ensured packaging safety and eliminated the problem of glass bottles breaking and spilling liquid products during transportation to the client, as well as reducing packaging waste.

ENG Bag in box

2. Sustainable brand loyalty

Eco-friendly packaging is the biggest trend in the modern market. Consumers vote with their money for environmentally friendly products, showing loyalty to brands implementing sustainable development standards for their manufacturing. Therefore, consumers drive packaging suppliers to minimize manufacturing waste, maximize the usage of recyclable materials and focus on producing packaging that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

The life cycle of flexible packaging demonstrates many sustainable advantages:

TECHNOLOGIA JSC works daily to achieve the global goals of sustainable development via a continuous process of business development and support of three key directions: “people” – “innovations and investments” – “saving the planet”. In 2021, we reduced plastics usage up to 44%, cut carbon footprint and solvent emissions up to 98%, and saved up to 40% in electricity consumption. Beyond that, we have increased the recycling of polylaminate and aluminum waste by 130% over the past 3 years.

ENG Sustainabilty

3. New design concepts

Design solutions are critical to creating cost-effective, easy-to-use, and sustainable packaging. The main trends in the design of flexible packaging on the market during the last few years are as follows:

A package that can be easily opened, but still guarantees safe storage, takes the first place in the design lay-out. Brands continue working on the implementation of high-quality standards for their products including assuring the packaging integrity throughout the entire logistics chain. Using tamper-evident liners and labels, caps & closures, termoshrinkable capsules, etc., manufacturing companies guarantee that the product inside hasn’t been touched since it was packaged. Moreover, brand owners try to protect the originality of their products with special labels and smart tags at the very beginning of new design concept planning.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own manufacture of T-tap with a protective tear-off tape to ensure the integrity of its Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging and guarantee that the contents of the package have been preserved originally.

Tear-off T-tap ENG

Space-saving packaging will also be the rule. Companies are increasingly using minimalist design for their packaging as consumers look for products with less packaging material to reduce waste, enabling them to have an impact on environmental issues.

Transparent packaging is increasingly appearing on shelves as packaging designers want to emphasize the importance of interactive experience for the shoppers. When customers can easily see the product inside and feel its texture, they are more likely to buy it.

Super Pouch is the most popular flexible packaging in 2022

The market segment of stand-up Super Pouch is expected to have the highest growth rate up to 20% in 2022. Due to the growing popularity of ready-to-eat foods, as well as the demand for lightweight and flexible packaging, Super Pouches are going to become the leader among packaging options this year.

Pouch demand ENG

In the light of such market trends, manufacturers are improving their technologies of pouch production. They develop innovative materials and tap sealing mechanisms to preserve products longer, as well as the latest high-tech equipment designed to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the production process.

Technologia Flexible Packaging

At Technologia JSC we understand how important it is to keep evolving technology in the packaging industry. We can offer our clients different sustainable solutions for Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging.

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The global flexible packaging market can reach $373.3 billion by 2030 reports Grand View Research Inc. The market is predicted to rise by 4.5% annually during next years. Increasing consumer demand for convenient, easy-to-use, and sustainable packaging for food and beverages is driving up the growth of the flexible packaging segment.

Flexible packaging is a popular trend in recent years, and there is an essential reason. Innovative materials and technologies make flexible packaging suitable for many more consumer products than when rigid materials were preferred.

The key idea of flexible packaging is to abandon the use of rigid materials in packaging production and make it lighter, space efficient and cheaper. Flexible packaging combines all the advantages of plastic, film, paper, and aluminum without losing its barrier properties, good printing properties, usability, and sustainability.

The most popular flexible packaging is roll stock packaging, pouches, bag-in-box packages, heat-shrink and stretch film, heat-shrink caps and labels, sachet packaging, mixpap lids for multipacks and bundles, bags and envelopes. Such packaging has many advantages compared to rigid ones:

• Production needs less material, energy, and water
• Barrier properties of the material extends the product shelf life
• Has a convenient and practical opening system
• Has an eye-catch appearance on the retail shelf
• Less volume and weight save storage and transportation costs.

Flexible Packaging Market Overview

Grand View Research Inc. estimated the volume of the world flexible packaging market at $252 billion in 2021. It is expected the flexible packaging market continues growing at 4.5% annually during 2022-2030. In 2024 the flexible packaging industry is forecasted to reach a total value of $269 billion.

Analyses from The Smithers also shows global flexible packaging market size was estimated at 31.5 million tons in 2021. Compared to the 2016 assessment, when the market size was recorded at 26.9 million tons, the world flexible packaging market has been increasing annually by 3.3% over the last 5 years.

By different estimates, the global market will reach 37.5 million tons in 2026, if the annual market growth rate stays at 3.4% (Georgy Cameron. The Future of Flexible Packaging to 2026, Smithers). This report also considers several factors that are expected to impact the flexible packaging market over the next five years, including:

• Economic and demographic changes,
• Sustainable development and change of legal regulations,
• Research and innovations,
• Final consumption trends, etc.

The Flexible Packaging Association reports that the largest market for flexible packaging is the food industry (retail and HORECA), accounting approximately 58% of sales. Other popular markets for flexible packaging are pharmaceutical goods – 14%; personal care – 5%; pet food – 3%; consumer goods – 2%; tobacco – 1%; other non-food products – 5% and industrial needs – 6%.

Innovations on the flexible packaging market

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of flexible packaging in the packaging market is the development of materials. For many years, the most flexible packaging material was polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These plastics did not break down or decompose, making it hostile to the environmental. Today, polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or polypropylene (PP) materials are primarily used in the production of flexible packaging. These high-tech plastics have high durability over its lifetime but is more conducive to recycling and final disposal. Furthermore, new recycling programs for used packaging are increasingly popular and contribute to the popularization of flexible packaging and the growth of the market.

The Flexible Packaging Market Size, Share & Trends report from Grand View Research Inc. confirms that plastics dominated the flexible packaging industry in 2021 with a 70.1% market share. Modern plastic raw materials are so popular because they can be easily modified by co-polymerization to meet the complex requirements of different packaging as well as their accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

While soft plastics (PE, PET, PP) are the best packaging material for weight, cost, and efficiency, expanding the innovative materials market is essential to address rising levels of pollution due to high levels of plastic usage. Experts predict that the bioplastic raw materials market segment will experience the highest growth rate of 6% from 2022 to 2030. The introduction of strict government regulations, especially in North America and Europe countries, is expected to have a positive effect on the demand for sustainable materials, thus stimulating the growth of the bioplastics segment.

The packaging market key stakeholders such as TECHNOLOGIA JSC invest in R&D departments and collaborate with technology companies to develop effective flexible packaging solutions that would have excellent protective and barrier properties but remain safe and ecologically friendly. This is the way TECHNOLOGIA JSC uses the best modern technologies, manufacturing flexible packaging to reduce the use of plastic, water, and energy and to cut down the global plastic waste.

There is no better time to think of flexible packaging as the best packaging option for your new product range or to enhance existing packaging.

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