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09 December, 2021

5 reasons to start using Bag-in-box for wine

Wine packaging has changed over the years from glass bottles with a natural cork to different alternative packaging such as Bag-in-box and Super Pouch. Companies are actively looking for ways to improve the packaging they already use or keep up with the flow and choose new packaging for wine.

Before making a final decision, which package is the win-win solution for their product, manufacturers take several factors into consideration. These are product features, consumers’ preferences, sustainability, transportability, impact on flavor stability, and shelf-life.

Nowadays, there are five main types of packaging for wine:

Every type of packaging, mentioned above, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we showed how using Bag-in-box helps to reduce CO2 emissions. And today we are going to shed some light on the reasons why choosing flexible packaging is a good idea in the context of food waste, shelf life, and keeping customers healthy.

Reason №1 – extends shelf life

The Bag-in-box package offers a high level of convenience, a shelf life of 6 months or more, volumetric efficiency, and a low packaging-to-contents weight ratio. Unlike glass bottles, thanks to a high oxygen barrier, Bag-in-box keeps wine’s aroma and taste around 28 days after opening if kept in the fridge. So, there is no need to finish the drink as soon as it’s opened.

Technologia JSC offers a bag made of the material, which fully protects wine against oxidation. It is either made of a combination of a PE film sealed together with transparent EVOH barrier film or a combination of a PE film sealed together with a metalized combined material. Both ensure excellent barrier properties and contribute to shelf-life extension.

Taps used in Bag-in-box also help to prevent the wine from oxidation. We use in our Bag-in-box production our own tap – T-Tap. It protects the product from environmental influence owing to a special lock of the tap. T-Tap closes immediately after you stop affecting the lever. Its mechanism prevents oxygen from entering the product due to its protective valve.

Reason №2 – minimizes food waste

Food and Agriculture Organization states that one third of food is wasted worldwide and advocates for responsible consumption. The flexibility of the package helps to reduce food waste by protecting the product from environmental influence and allowing you to enjoy the freshness of the product longer. Moreover, unlike tetra bricks, for instance, which usually have a certain amount of drink at the bottom, Bag-in-box package shrinks when the product is poured out of the package. This allows you to pour its contents 100%.

5 reasons to start using Bag-in-box for wine. Image 1

Reason №3 – has a convenient format

While glass bottle usually has only 0,75L volume, flexible packaging is capable to store up to 20 liters. There is a huge variety of Bag-in-box formats. Manufacturers produce bags up to 20L for HoReCa and from 2L to 5L for retail. For instance, it’s way easier to take one Bag-in-box package to the picnic instead of bringing 5 glass bottles of wine.

Reason №4 – keeps customers healthy

Bag-in-box is not only convenient to the customer because of its useful format, but thanks for its safety as well. Flexible packaging for food and beverage industry has to be reliable not only in terms of technical excellence but also in terms of its compatibility with the food stuff.

Technologia JSC has its own manufacturing of PE films and metallized laminated materials for our Bag-in-box packaging so we can control the quality of raw materials for our production process. We use only certified ingredients and are certified according to international standard FSSC 22000.

Clean and sterile production environment is required to produce packaging for food industry. Our cutting-edge machinery and multifunctional laboratories are located in a clean and sterile manufacturing sector to prevent the risk of finished product contamination. Regularly maintaining purity standards allows our customers to receive products that meet international standards.

Reason №5 – ecologically friendly

Flexible packaging is no doubt an innovative solution that protects the environment:

5 reasons to start using Bag-in-box for wine. Image 2

5 reasons to start using Bag-in-box for wine. Image 3

Using Bag-in-box instead of hard plastic packaging is more consistent with sustainability: Cardboard which is 70% of the Bag-in-box packaging is recycled and inner bags (30%) are subject to disposal.

Have you got any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists at baginbox@technologia.com.ua to choose the packaging that will emphasize your product in the best way.