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10 March, 2021

Bag in Box for olive oil: packaging that drives better customer experience and functionality

Olive oil is a major source of fat that offers a consumer multiple health benefits. It reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, aids digestion, improves brain function etc. For positive impact on human health, it is extremely important to ensure that the production process in fully controlled starting from olive fruits quality examination to bottling/packing. In this article we offer you to explore the reasons that make Bag-in-box packaging the best choice for your olive oil.

Bag-in-box refers to the type of packaging consisting of a plastic bag placed inside a corrugated carton box. It is widely used for storage and transportation of various food and beverage products. The use of Bag-in-box packaging in the production of olive oil gradually gets popular in Greece, Spain, Italy and France due to various advantages the bag provides to preserve its quality.

The bag for Bag-in-box packaging is traditionally produced by sealing two films together and adding a leakproof spout. TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers an olive oil producer two Bag-in-box bag options:

Both combinations ensure excellent barrier properties and fully protect olive oil against oxidation. Our Bag-in-box bags are also strengthened up with a special dispensing system called T-Tap. Due to its technically flawless construction, T-Tap guarantees minimum oxygen permeability to prolong the storage period of your olive oil.

Multiple scientific studies proved that Bag-in-box packaging is one of the best packaging options. For example, according to the University of Ioannina study published on elsevier.com, Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaged in Bag-in-box remains fresh for up to 120 days, while in stainless steel container its shelf life might be limited to 80 days maximum.

Besides longer shelf-life Bag-in-box packaging has other advantages that benefit both: the olive oil producer and its consumer.

  1. Bag-in-box packaging is more cost-effective. There is no secret at all that Bag-in-box packaging helps saving money on logistics. It all starts with the delivery of empty Bag-in-box bags. Due to our palletizing scheme, we deliver more bags in one truck, therefore reducing the transportation cost per 1 bag. When it comes then to filled Bag-in-box packaging, their shape allows to predict the size and weight of the pallet, which eventually lets the olive oil producer predict the transportation cost correctly.
  2. Bag-in-box packaging facilitates E-Commerce and long-distance deliveries. One of the main concerns for the olive oil producer is to guarantee that the olive oil does not get damaged on the way to the final consumer. Our Bag-in-box bags are solid and shatterproof, which eliminates the worries that the package will break in transit.
  3. Bag-in-box packaging ensures serving convenience and effortless refilling. It is all about the T-Tap, which due to its intuitive design allows the consumer to open it quickly and dispense as much as the consumer wants by controlling the flow with the special lever.


Bag-in-box is the type of packaging that is not only oriented towards the brand awareness and its differentiation but is more focused on producer and consumer experiences.

By protecting the olive oil against heat and light it preserves its quality and flavor. It is convenient and easier to use and more economical. Therefore, we encourage you to try Bag-in-box for your olive oil and we’ll offer you different bags formats.