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27 October, 2020

Bag-in-box Production: How we do it

Bag-in-box production at TECHNOLOGIA JSC is for the purpose of ultimately satisfying a consumer.

Bag-in-box is a packaging system that consists of a strong, high-barrier multilayer bag and an outer rigid container (generally, carton box). TECHNOLOGIA JSC has many years of experience in the production of bags and fitments for bag-in-box. Now it is just the time to let you have a closer look at our production process. In this article, we’ll explain what it takes to deliver to the customer the highest quality bag-in-box.

There are 6 features that make TECHNOLOGIA JSC a right choice for your bag-in-box solution:

  1. Independent production of PE films and metallized laminated materials.
  2. Own fitments production.
  3. Clean and sterile manufacturing sector.
  4. FSSC 22000 certification.
  5. Strict policy towards the conformity to hygienic requirements.
  6. 100% quality control at each production stage.


Bag-in-box Production: How we do it. Image 1

Bag-in-box is mostly used in food and beverage industry, where it is extremely important to make sure that the product has sufficient shelf life. TECHNOLOGIA JSC knows exactly how to extend your product expiry date without any influence on its smell and taste. Our metallized combined material possesses excellent barrier properties and serves as a strong protection against oxygen and UV rays. For the PE film production, our specialists created a unique recipe, with the help of which we guarantee its high physical and mechanical strength and excellent weldability.

Our bags for bag-in-box packaging remain strong and tight all the way to the customer’s fridge.


Bag-in-box Production: How we do it. Image 2

Bag-in-box can be used for various food and beverage products such as dairy, fruit purees, wine, water, juice, vegetable oil, sauces and liquid eggs. Each product requires specific fitment. In order to guarantee high leak resistance of our bags, TECHNOLOGIA JSC launched our very own production of fitments. We produce our own tap (T-Tap), snap cap and ELPO plug.

T-Tap is our special offer for wine, olive oil and juice producers. Unlike any other taps, T-Tap is elegant and intuitive. It makes a bag-in-box packaging use as easy and understandable as 2+2. It only takes to detach the tear-off tape to be able to enjoy the taste of your product to the fullest. Besides, it efficiently works on any filling equipment.

This year TECHNOLOGIА JSC launches the production of T-Tap Low. The use of plastic is reduced by around 33%.


Bag-in-box Production: How we do it. Image 3

There are two factors that determine the high quality of our bags for bag-in-box packaging: ultra-modern, high-tech equipment designed by world leading suppliers, and established and implemented food safety culture that is strictly followed by the entire team.

Our manufacturing sector is located in a closed, clean and sterile room certified according to FSSC 22000, Version 5.


Bag-in-box Production: How we do it. Image 4

We control each stage of bags production. Our cutting-edge quality control laboratories and highly qualified engineers work 24/7 and conduct multiple trials throughout the whole production cycle, which guarantees that the quality of our bags for bag-in-box corresponds to national and European standards.