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25 November, 2021

Firsthand: successful business cooperation between passionate professionals

Today is the first time when we are going to shed some light on the self-adhesive label production process for premium gin. Here is a story of recent cooperation between TECHNOLOGIA JSC and craft distillery from the Netherlands. We interviewed Jasmine Taraporewalla, business Co-Owner, who spoke about her company and label development project.

The DelRey Distillery was founded in 2019. Our craft distillery is located in the green suburb of Hengelo, a small town in Twente region close to the Eastern German border. We are quite a young, but ambitious company. The idea to establish the company is due to the passion of René Kamphuis, Company Owner, to revive the ancient, more than a hundred year old tradition of gin production in the Netherlands.

After being a consultant in IT industry for over 20 years, René Kamphuis found himself fatigued and shackled to his desk. His passion to make something creative inspired him to spend all his downtime experimenting with the distilling of various alcoholic beverages at home. Later he began to study fundamental science and the art of distilling. In 2018 he became a Master Distiller and founded DelRey Distillery later in a year. The idea of gin production is not a surprise, considering Rene’s mother’s experience in making an ideal coffee liqueur, which was very popular among family and friends. No doubt he is continuing the family craft.

But Rene didn’t want to make another homogenous me-too liquor and as a proud Dutch decided to appeal to its history when vitality and flavor-packed spices were traded between India and Europe by the Dutch as well as the British, the Spanish, and the Portuguese. It was a happy coincidence that I, his business partner, came from India — the land of spices. René and I experimented with various spices and aromatic herbs adding them to our homemade liqueurs until we realized that our product can be a real pleasure for demanding drink lovers. The alchemy of Dutch distillery tradition and premium Indian ingredients is a key factor in producing a gin that could be admitted as the aristocrat among liquors. That is the reason why the brand name DelRey appeared, which means “royal” from Spanish.

If we talk about our products, today the distillery has a production capacity of approx. 15 thousand liters of gin per month. Now in our product range there are five expressions of gin and four liqueurs. We also produce rum and whiskey. Apart from these, DelRey distillery also provides private bottling services for other companies and brands. For example, we produced a special batch of gin for the VIPs on a Formula 1 race at Zandvoort in 2019. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the organizers are holding the bottles for the next event hosted by the Netherlands.

Our DelRey London Dry Gin was launched specially for The World Gin Day in 2019. Following this launch, we presented our DelRey Hibiscus gin, DelRey Tangerine Saffron Gin and the DelRey Eastern Blue gin one after the other. The Hibiscus gin and Eastern Blue were completely sold-out! In our passion to create something extraordinary and not just another London Dry Gin, we created Smoked Gin, the first ever in the Netherlands. This Gin has won accolades, medals, reviews, media attention for its unique presence in the Gin sector. We remain the only manufacturer of such a gin in the Netherlands.

We heard about you from an Argentinian label designer. He already collaborated with TECHNOLOGIA in the past and was speaking high of your technical possibilities. That is why we contacted you without any hesitations.

I love proactivity. TECHNOLOGIA team quickly noticed some lapses in the design and immediately came back with solutions. It is normal practice that printing house does not bother about how the label has been designed and whether there are some mistakes. But your managers took care about it and fixed our errors without much fuss. And that is exactly the kind of partnership we are looking for. This approach was applied to other our labels, not only to the Bombaim gin label. The barcode of the Smoked gin label was not legible, and you fixed that for us too!

Well, not really. This is our first experience with TECHNOLOGIA JSC. We have worked on labels for London Dry Gin, Eastern Blue Gin, Tangerine Saffron Gin, Heavenly Hibiscus Gin, Bombaim Gin and we have much enjoyed dealing with you so far on every label!

Firsthand: successful business cooperation between passionate professionals. Image 1

Overall we enjoyed working with your company. Your managers are extremely fast in responding to messages, emails, and calls even in afterhours. They never let a day go without solving a problem or moving ahead. I think TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers unbelievable possibilities in the labeling industry. Here in the Netherlands, it is impossible to get such a level of label production service. When your team sent us a portfolio full of samples, we were simply blown away that you can produce certain labels, we have rarely ever come across in the Netherlands. I think you have a large scope for growth in these markets if you will plan well. I can definitely state that the overall experience with TECHNOLOGIA JSC has been quite pleasurable so far.

If you want to print a personalized label for your brand as well, get in touch with us through email label@technologia.com.ua. Together we will create a new story of your success!