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22 November, 2022

INTERVIEW: Castenschiold Rum Owner about his customer’s experience

One of the youngest and at the same time oldest among the Flensburg rum manufacturers is the Castenschiold Vestindien Rum Company. The Owner and brand founder Sönke Castenschiold, is a direct descendant of Jørgen Carstensen, who sailed to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas in 1694 and established the very first sugar plantation and started exporting the most exceptional, aged rums to Europe. Today we want to speak with Sönke regarding Castenschiold brand development and cooperation with TECHNOLOGIA JSC.

castenschiold rum

To begin with, we would like to briefly share the Castenschiold Rum story. In the Flensburg city, where Castenschiold Rum brand takes its roots, we can look back on a long tradition of rum manufacturers. The precious sugar cane for production sourced directly from the Danish colonies of St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. When the city was a part of the Danish kingdom, there were over 200 rum companies that benefited from trading with the Caribbean colonies. Unfortunately, now there is hardly anything left of this glamor of the 18th and 19th centuries.

A father of Castenschiold rum, Jørgen Carstensen was a 16-year-old Flensburg orphan, when he sailed to the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas in 1694. There he worked for his uncle, the governor of the island. It wasn’t long before the first pots of Kildywel – the early form of rum, were exported to Denmark under the supervision of his uncle. By purchasing the Mosquito Bay estate and other profitable decisions, Jørgens son Johan Lorentz consolidated the family’s influence in the sugar and rum business. Johan Lorentz was knighted in 1745 for his services to the Danish Crown, taking the family name Castenschiold.

Based on long family tradition in the sugar and rum business, Castenschiold developed a rum that should prove to be proud of its long history. Yes, first it was legendary Castenschiold Signum Rum. Further rums have followed. Today, Castenschiold has four spirits in its portfolio: The Castenschiold Signum Rum, Castenschiold Governors Rum, Castenschiold 1864 Rum as well as the Castenschiold Hjemkomst Rum.

Castenschiold Rum launched its Castenschiold Signum Rum at Christmas time 2017. We used a small but exclusive way to show our customers that we are available by using companies that liked our idea to revive a family history of rum manufacturers after 325 years.

To be honest, I have never heard about you before your manager contacted me one day since he knew about our very professional graphic designer from Argentina. He saw that our label could be enhanced to a «superb» level, which we then did together. I’ve just took a chance and trusted your team.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC has demonstrated that there is always a way of improvement in label design. We already had a very luxurious appearance of our brand and label, but special “touch” of your professionals to the design pushed our existing and new label to a new level.

At the very beginning of our cooperation TECHNOLOGIA JSC showed a number of high-end label projects – we were fairly impressed. Especially ALU embossed and debossed labels, which we think JSC TECHNOLOGIA has unique production experience in.

From the first moment the work with JSC TECHNOLOGIA was very friendly, positive and target orientated. We developed warm personal relations with our contact person during our first mutual project. We are confident that further projects with TECHNOLOGIA JSC will follow in future.


The collaboration between Castenschiold Rum family brand and TECHNOLOGIA JSC began in 2020 when our manager spotted some weak points in the existing packaging and immediately put forward the idea to improve the sharpness of Family Coat of Arms, which is now an embossed aluminum label with delicate details and polished golden foil. We also printed a paper label using offset printing on a textured paper, decorated with gold foil stamping and high-build varnish.


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