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16 July, 2020

Polylaminate cap – what is it?

Imagine you take a bottle of good whiskey, look at the label, and the next step, before you enjoy the taste, you open the cap, take out the cork and pour the drink into a glass with ice and then take a small sip. This is a kind of whiskey tasting ritual. We cannot imagine it if at least one step is missing. That is why, in addition to the whiskey itself, every element of this drink’s packaging plays an important role in forming an opinion and affection for a particular variety and brand.

Polylaminate cap – what is it?. Image 1

We suggest using our polylaminate capsules for spirits to create a good consumer’s experience. What are the functions of a polylaminate cap:

  1. The polylaminate capsules is the AESTHETICS in the first place. To complete the overall design of your product, you will naturally need to close the cork with a polylaminate cap.
  2. To bring all the ideas of a product designer to life, we can make the DECORATION of the cap, thanks to which your product will stand out favorably on the shelf; or use UV inks to glow with your logo in a dark club or bar.
  3. With the BRANDING of the polylaminate capsules, it can become the “standard-bearer” of your product, which will be visible both from the side and from the top of the bottle, thanks to the decoration on the top disk of the cap.
  4. In addition to the elegance of product design, you should not forget about PROTECTION AND OPENING CONTROL of your product. Due to the tight shrinkage of the polylaminate capsules and the correct perforation, it will be impossible to re-cap the bottle without obvious signs of opening. Moreover, thanks to the unique technology, at your request, we can produce such a cap, which will be impossible to remove from the bottle without opening it.


This is a composite material, a kind of “sandwich” made of aluminum and polyethylene, in which polyethylene is coated with aluminum on the outside. We produce caps from our own production of polylaminate material of various thicknesses (from 50 microns to 150 microns). The material is flexible enough and the cap made of it is suitable for most bottles used for spirits, such as vodka, whiskey, brandy etc. Also, a large number of wine producers use the polylaminate cap to decorate their bottles. In decorating technology, the cap can reflect almost any designer’s idea, combining different colors, foil with a noticeable shimmer, and embossing.


A picture is worth a thousand words, says popular proverb. At the following link, you can get acquainted with the possibilities of decorations and specific examples of polylaminate capsules.

It is important to remember that the taste and quality of the product ensures loyalty to the brand, but it is the packaging that attracts the attention of the new buyer!

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