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31 January, 2023

TECHNOLOGIA JSC cares and shares responsibility for future generations

Nowadays sustainable business has the challenge to balance between current development, the needs of future generations, and available environmental resources. Few years ago, TECHNOLOGIA JSC already took the first steps to make our environmental ethics a reality. Therefore, sustainability and climate protection are the basis for our corporate culture to develop and achieve sustainable development strategies.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC principles of sustainability

Sustainability is not just about environmental protection, but also concerns for social equity and economic growth. Our strategy to meet UN Global Sustainable Development Goals undelights how sustainability is part of everyday life for TECHNOLOGIA JSC. The basis to meet global sustainable development goals is a continuous business extension process and support of three key directions: “people” – “innovations and investments” – “saving the planet”.


We are open and transparent in our business relations. We are doing our best to provide competitive and attractive working conditions. To guarantee well-being and job satisfaction for our employees we provide access to lifelong learning and possibilities for career growth. We aim to improve the life quality of Ukrainians by promoting sustainable economic development and the social support of local communities.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has a cooperation strategy with educational institutions for employees’ professional development and to support young specialists. We are proud of our dual education project we have created in 2017 so that students can get valuable practical experience combining studies with paid internships at the workplace. Connecting the theoretical knowledge with practice, young specialists can learn more efficiently to use their skills during their professional life. Moreover, as part of the dual education project, not only students, but also teachers can intern at the company. Lifelong education, social guarantees and bonuses help us maintaining a healthy work environment and cultural values.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC actively promotes the development of local communities and provides protection and support to the most vulnerable groups. In 2022 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the TECHNOLOGIA Charity Foundation which focus our support on the reconstruction of children’s medical institutions and the purchasing of medical equipment, financial support for orphanages, and other social programs. In 2020 Charity Fund «Business to City» was established together with our partners to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC regularly upgrades and improves its production facilities to withstand global challenges. We carry out research and development of new technical solutions via continuous investments in modern production facilities. Though the total supply chain we make an effort to cut CO2 emissions, reduce plastic and energy consumption and to increase the waste disposal and recycling volume based on promotion of innovative technologies. Investments in ecological modernization of production facilities guarantee production reliability to keep up with EU ecological requirements.

Exhaust air cleaning system, heat recovery compressor system, innovative R&D solutions, returnable packaging programs help us to minimize carbon footprint, save up to 40% electricity, achieve zero solvent evaporation into the atmosphere, cut plastic consumption and waste accumulation. Over the past 3 years we have achieved 25% waste reduction due to technical innovation, production planning, KPI analysis and professional development.


In 2018-2019 TECHNOLOGIA JSC implemented Environmental Management System in all our production sectors. Full environmental certification according to ISO 14001:2015 standard allowed us to achieve most of our primary goals:

Among other environmental activities TECHNOLOGIA JSC annually contributes to Sumy city urban greening. Our employees with their families every year participate to municipal «Green Planet» project.

We have already achieved a lot of sustainable goals, but still have many ambitious targets we want to accomplish along the way to the circular economy. We are committed to this common goal owing to the strong ambition to make our products the art of sustainable packaging.

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