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31 March, 2023


Environmental protection and sustainable development are the priority vectors of development for TECHNOLOGIA GROUP. Under present-day conditions it is extremely important for business not only to develop production and invest in the development of the local community, but also takes care of environmental safety and nature protection. Building of modern cleaning system for industrial emissions at the plant of flexible packaging production was a significant step to meet the growing society demand for a healthy and clean future

In 2019 with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and a grant from the European Union the company “GUALAPAK UKRAINE”, which is a part of TECHNOLOGIA GROUP, built and put into operation a modern solvent recuperation station. This installation allows to implement a closed cycle of raw materials usage and recovery, reduce harmful emissions into the air by almost 100%, increase energy efficiency and improve production technology.


The project was implemented in 1 year and 3 months. All installation work was performed by local engineer-constructors from Sumy city. All the requirements of Ukrainian and European standards regarding the cleaning level of industrial emissions were maintained during construction. The station operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is managed by only one person. The operator can control the mechanism even remotely, using a special software installed on a phone.

By means of the installed solvent recovery system, we minimize emissions into the atmosphere and reuse recovered raw materials in production. The recuperation process is an effective solution to maintain the environment clean and to implement the principles of sustainable development for TECHNOLOGIA GROUP generally, since GUALAPAK UKRAINE LLC also supplies recycled solvents for the other plants. TECHNOLOGIA JSC regularly purchases secondary solvents from the recuperation station for its production needs.

Using the solvent recuperation system, 99% of chemical waste is re-used in production cycle again, when previously was disposed.

Solvent recuperation system advantages:

This project is aimed to increase the efficiency of resource consumption and prevent climate change. Its implementation became for the TECHNOLOGIA GROUP one of the significant step forward the UN Global Sustainable Goals. Maximum reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, raw materials recycling, willingness to invest in high-cost and long-term solutions is our way to build circular economy in Ukraine today.