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Technologia is one of the leading suppliers of bags for Bag in Box packaging

Bag in box is a packaging system that includes a high-strength multi-layer bag placed in a hard case (cardboard box, barrel, box, etc.). Bag in Box production is certified according to the highest quality standard – FSSC 22000, Version 5

Cutting-edge machinery and multifunctional laboratories located in a clean and sterile manufacturing sector allow our customers to receive products that meet European and national standards.

We help our customers choose the best Bag in Box format taking into account the specific peculiarities of their valuable products. We offer a wide range of bag formats that covers all market needs, ranging from 2 liters to 220 liters.

Our Bag in Box industry experts approach the customers individually providing the best options for wine, juice, dairy, liquid eggs, sauces, oils or chemicals.

Bag in Box application

Dairy products
Liquid eggs
Sauces, fruit puree and concentrates
Dairy products
Liquid eggs
Sauces, fruit puree and concentrates

We produce our own tap, which is perfect for any filling temperature from 5 to 85 °C

The application of the Bag in Box packaging affects many markets and areas of consumption, being the ideal packaging for your product. The dispensing system is one of the main advantages, in addition to other basic advantages (strength and flexibility) with which the packaging is endowed.

TECHNOLOGIA offers an extensive range of components for the Bag-in-Box packaging for various types of liquid products. An ideal system of opening does not allow the ingress of air and external foreign objects when draining, thereby preventing oxidation and deterioration of the packaged product.

Technologia has substantial experience in the production of materials for Bag in Box

Bags in Bag in Box packaging of different capacities are pillow shaped, made of multilayer films that can provide high mechanical strength, light impermeability, barrier properties, as well as resistance to high temperatures.

We manufacture our bags with the PE films, multilayer metallized combined materials and fitments of our own production.


We ensure the best quality and production stability of our Bag in Box due to high physical and mechanical properties of our PE and its good weldability in a different temperature range.

We apply a unique recipe, which fully meets all the necessary food-packaging requirements and produce the highest quality polyethylene films using 3-layer and 5-layer extrusion equipment.

Bag in Box Advantages


Produced from high quality polyethylene that does not affect the smell and taste of the contents, thereby preserving and protecting the quality of your valuable product;


Increases the expiry date of products after opening, the packaging is flexible and fits any type of your box package, еnsures safe filling process.


The strength of the bag in box barrier layer prevents air from entering the product and protects against direct contact of the sun rays. This keeps your product from penetration of outside substances;


Due to the external container (box), a large sector of advertising space is provided, as opposed to alternative packaging;


Does not cause problems with recycling, reducing the impact on the environment and on the carbon footprint compared to other types of packaging;


There is no need for reusable packaging, container recycling, washing and cleaning;


Durability and safety at storage. Substantial savings during transportation and storage;


The manufacturing sector is located in a clean, sterile room, which, according to hygienic requirements, produces packaging worthy of your product.

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For retail
2 liters/ 3 liters/ 5 liters/ 10 liters
10 liters / 20 liters / 22 liters
Industrial filling
220 liters


For retail


Metallized material
standard, laminate under 220 l
Transparent material
EVOH (with PA) or EVOH (without PA)
PE / PA material
For retail

Technologia has a double first in materials lamination

Our metallized combined materials possess the high barrier properties against oxygen and it perfectly protects the contents from direct contacts with sunlight. 

Technologia has also introduced a bag made of coextruded combined material. Its distinctive feature is the mate surface. The tactile properties allow our customers to speed up the filling process a little since the bag made of this material slides better on a filling line.

The use of the Bag in Box with a bag made of coextruded combined material is a considerable contribution to UN Sustainability Goals achievement. No adhesives and solvents applied in its production, which diminish the risk of dangerous substances migration into the product.

The materials we apply in our Bag in Box manufacturing will keep your product fresh preserving its taste, flavors and aroma. 


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