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02 July, 2020

Bag-in-box Packaging is a Global Trend for Liquid Products

Bag-in-box Packaging is a Global Trend for Liquid Products. Image 1

Bag-in-box is a very convenient way to store and transport liquid products

We define this type of container as a packaging system that consists of a bag and an outer case (box, bulk, barrel etc.). An American chemist William R. Scholle first introduced bag-in-box in 1955. Since then, Bag in Box has a status of a revolutionary packaging.

According to grandviewresearch.com in 2019, the calculated value of global bag-in-box market is USD 3.3 billion. According to their prognosis, from 2020 to 2027 this market is to observe a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6,5%.

The popularity of bag-in-box packaging rapidly booms in different industries. bag-in-box is particularly popular in wine, juice and alimentary oil industries. Dairy producers also gradually start to extend their product lines by adding bags to their assortment.  Moreover, it is possible to apply bag-in-box for motor oil, household and industrial chemicals. 

The full list of possible Bag-in-box applications is below:

  1. Wine and spirits
  2. Dairy
  3. Water
  4. Juices
  5. Liquid eggs
  6. Sauces, fruit purees and concentrates
  7. Industrial and household chemicals

Food and beverage industry shows the highest demand for bag-in-box packaging, although bag-in-box can be applied for household and industrial products as well. 

Below you can see the growth of bag-in-box market in the USA, with the forecast up to 2027 (globalviewresearch.com)

Bag-in-box Packaging is a Global Trend for Liquid Products. Image 2

In 2019 the global Bag in Box market share in food and beverage industry laid out as in the following diagram (globalviewresearch.com)

Bag-in-box Packaging is a Global Trend for Liquid Products. Image 3

In the USA the sales of bag-in-box drinks have grown by 53% in March 2020 in comparison to earlier years. (Insider) The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Canada reported the increase of bag-in-box wine sales by 77%, which means that in March 2020 there were sold 47 000 more Bag in Box. 

Alex Ledsom, Senior Contributor, Forbes

Besides the USA and Canada, bag-in-box has a growing popularity in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Poland, and Baltic and Scandinavian countries. High bag-in-box packaging demand also spreads over Middle East, Asia Pacific and South America. According the marketsandmarkets.com the bag-in-box market is divided by region as represented in the picture below.

Bag-in-box Packaging is a Global Trend for Liquid Products. Image 4

Nielsen reported 43% grows in bag-in-box wine sales in France. This increase has been caused by the rise in virtual apéros (virtual drinks).

Technologia keeps pace with all the latest trends in bag-in-box production

We produce bags for this system and cover different needs by applying various fitments and materials. We have a capacity to produce metallized and transparent barrier bags with T-tap, Snap cap, Screw cap, Pouring cap and Milk tube. Our materials possess high barrier properties against oxygen, so that we guarantee that in our bag-in-box your product will remain fresh for longer.


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