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18 June, 2020

Bag-in-box Wine: it is high time to bag your wine!

If you still give preference to a bottled wine, it is high time to reconsider and choose wine in bag-in-box

Bag-in-box Wine: it is high time to bag your wine!


Bag-in-box becomes increasingly popular among wine lovers

It gradually shakes off all the bad perceptions against it by being space saving, economical and eco-friendly. Many famous brands start to offer their wine in bag-in-box to satisfy their customers with bigger formats and longer shelf life.

Bag-in-box is a packaging system. It consists of a strong multi-layer bag and a hard package (cardboard box, barrel etc.). In general, bags are pillow-shaped. The materials used in their production guarantee high mechanical strength, light impermeability, barrier properties and resistance to high temperatures.

Why wine in bag-in-box should become your drink of choice?

  1. Bag-in-box wine is better protected from oxidation. For how many days do you keep wine after you open a bottle? Probably, you prefer to drink a bottle within 2 days maximum, before it starts to lose its color, aroma and flavors. There is no need to drink wine in a hurry any more. Bag-in-box packaging is a perfect solution. Technologia JSC offers a bag with the high barrier properties against oxygen and a T-Tap of a unique mechanism that prevents the penetration of air into the bag. Therefore, in this type of packaging you can enjoy the wine for around 28 days if kept in the fridge.
  2. Bag-in-box wine is of a better value, even from a marketing perspective. Bag in Box wine is 96% wine. The packaging takes only 4% of its value since there is no need for corks, supplementary labels, capsules and other decorations. On the contrary, to attract a customer, wine producers can use the entire box for advertising. There is more space to display the brand in the most creative and colorful manner.
  3. Bag-in-box wine is a cost saving solution. Wine producers offer a huge variety of formats. From 1,5L to 5L for consumption at home and up to even 20L for HoReCa. With all these volumes, wine is cheaper to transport and store, which eventually is reflected in a final consumer price.

“The average price of a bag-in-box in the off trade market is around 25% cheaper than your average 75cl bottle” (Nielsen.com, 25.07.2019)

Bag-in-box packaging is perfect for parties, picnics, family gatherings etc. There is no need to drive back and forth to a supermarket, when the bottle of wine ends in the middle of your holiday. Therefore, the final consumer also saves money for gas, which is an advantage as well.

The attitude to bag-in-box wine has improved. Australia and New Zealand have been developing this trend for over 50 years already. The USA, Sweden, Norway, Germany and even France gradually change their wine consumption habits in favor of bag-in-box wine. Technologia JSC encourages wine producer to use bag-in-box packaging. We’ll offer the most suitable bag to preserve the taste of your fine wine.

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