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14 August, 2020

Choose the most suitable material for your product in Bag in Box

Bag in Box packaging is commonly made of two basic structures: metallized and transparent. Sometimes, if no barrier properties needed, both internal and external layers of Bag in Box can be produced with PE film. In this article, we are going to examine the key pros and cons of met PET and EVOH based Bag in Box.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC is an experienced laminated materials producer. Our metallized Bag in Box are made of a high quality triplex, which serves as a barrier layer and consists of metallized PET laminated on both sides with a dense polyethylene film.

Choose the most suitable material for your product in Bag in Box. Image 1

For our metallized Bag in Box, we choose met PET for the following reasons:

  1. Optical effect. Bag in Box based on met PET demonstrate high gloss level that helps achieve stronger metallic shine and mirror effect, which is
    an excellent protection against sunlight.
  2. Barrier effect. Bag in Box based on met PET is an ideal solution, when food preservation and freshness play vital role. This material prevents
    the O2 penetration, which extends the product shelf life and keeps its initial nutritional value.
  3. Visual and mechanical effect. Bag in Box based on met PET are stronger, more tear resistant. They are less sensitive to corrosion and more flexible. Besides, in comparison to aluminum foil based Bag in Box, they are lighter, which turns this solution into more cost effective one in terms of transportation.

Lately, the world has become more concerned about anthropological impact on our planet. We are continuously searching for the ways to balance between environmental health and innovation.

Metallized film is less sustainable than transparent since it is more difficult to recycle it. The waste from metallized film is generally incinerated with a toxic gas. Besides, it is never burned completely – metal is present in ashes. For those, who are more concerned about sustainability in Bag in Box production, we offer transparent EVOH based bags.

Choose the most suitable material for your product in Bag in Box. Image 2

Bag in Box made of EVOH based film has the following advantages:

  1. Product inside the Bag in Box is visible; therefore, both producers and consumers can enjoy the healthy color of the content. This feature also helps the producer quickly identify the processes that could lead to
    the loss of product freshness.
  2. Environmental friendliness. Bag in Box made of EVOH film can be incinerated without the use of toxic gases. EVOH film is produced by means of extrusion, which reduces the risk of harmful emissions into
    the atmosphere.
  3. Human health favorability. The production of Bag in Box based on EVOH film does not involve the application of any solvents or adhesives. Thus, it substantially reduces the risk of harmful substances migration into
    the product.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC team depending on your requirements will offer you the best Bag in Box solution and will help you pick the most suitable option for your product.