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07 June, 2022

TECHNOLOGIA JSC achieved prestigious AA BRCGS grade for its Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging production

We are pleased to announce that on April 13, 2022, TECHNOLOGIA JSC received the much-awaited BRCGS quality certificate for our own manufacturing of inner bags and different closures for the Bag-in-box and Super Pouch packaging system for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other industries.

An independent audit was performed on 23 February 2022 by the Bureau Veritas certification body. According to the results, TECHNOLOGIA JSС received the highest AA grade to produce Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging under BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials.

Bag in Box BRCGS certificate

TECHNOLOGIA JSC as a responsible manufacturer of materials and packaging for the food industry pays much attention to the safety and quality of its production to avoid any potential health hazards to final consumers.

Our mission is long-term cooperation with each customer to meet their needs in the latest packaging solutions for the food industry. To archive this high goal and ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise, TECHNOLOGIA JSС continuously improves our products manufacturing and quality assurance system. Therefore, it was expected to audit our Bag-in-box and Super Pouch production for compliance with Global food safety standard BRCGS Packaging Materials and to confirm internationally the effectiveness and reliability of our quality and safety management policy, especially for the food industry packaging.

The BRCGS Global Standards for Food Safety, Packaging Materials, Consumer Products, Retail and Ethical Trade, Storage and Distribution set the primary rules for good manufacturing practice and ensure that products are safe, legal, and of high quality.

Adherence to the strict criteria of the company's packaging safety policy and openness to improve the manufacturing process and quality management system allowed us to receive the highest grade based on the results of an external independent audit of BRCGS Packaging Materials.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC staff made every effort to adapt the production of Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging to the requirements of BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials. An in-depth analysis of the standard requirements was performed, documentation was adjusted, internal audits were conducted, all employees were trained in the BRCGS standard, compliance with the standard requirements was implemented in all departments of flexible packaging manufacturing and its implementation was monitored on-site.

The personal contribution of each employee at each step of the preparation for the certification process allowed us to do our best to pass the certification audit and get the highest AA grade. Best congratulations to the team of Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging production department with an international acknowledgment of your high professionalism!

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BRCGS Packaging Material

For information

The BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standard) was developed by the British Retail Consortium in 1996 as an effort to harmonize food safety standards in the global supply chain. Today, it is worldwide recognized as the strictest independent certification scheme for both food and non-food categories.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials is the first standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The standard was developed in 2001 to protect consumers, providing a common basis for the certification of companies that supply packaging to food manufacturers.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials contains requirements related to:

BRCGS certification benefits

Contains regulated norms for assessing the company's production facilities, operating systems, and procedures for compliance with the requirements of the standard by a competent independent certification body.

Implemented quality and safety risk management for food products at all stages of production.

The BRCGS standard is recognized in 130 countries and is desirable among the world's leading food producers.