Wirehoods for Sparkling Wine

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Wirehoods — a classic closure for sparkling wines and champagne

Wirehoods - an integral part of your sparkling wine brand’s representation

TECHNOLOGIA combines high grade product quality with an elegant style design while maintaining competitive price.

Since a wirehoods (also known as a muselet or a wire cage) has also become a valuable collector’s item for lots of champagne appreciators all over the world, we use the most advanced decoration techniques which help to turn your wirehoods into a real piece of jewellery.

We produce all types of wirehoods for sparkling wine, used in the modern bottling industry. Four post wirehoods with free belt which are the best solution for the application on modern high speed bottling machines, wire hoods without top disk, wire cages with fixed leg for budget lines or strap muselet for plastic corked sparkling products.

Strap type
Strap type
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Beer and ciders
Beer and ciders
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The name “wirehoods” comes from the French word “muselet”, which means a metal cage

This item of packaging has gained top popularity in the world of wine with the growing demand of the champagne taste style. Nowadays a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine is impossible to think of without a wirehoods. And the festive sound of champagne popping is strongly associated with opening the wirehoods.

We are very much focused on the quality of all the wirehoods components and wire in particular, sourcing them only from the world leading producers in the industry, in order to guarantee the safety of every special occasion.




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Alternative closures

OverCap - alternative closures for 0.2 l bottles that can be used for beverages with pressures up to 6 atm.


The product for instant consumption finds more and more fans in the modern world, especially in the Duty-free industry.







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