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07 Octubre, 2020

4 Basic Steps to Make Super Pouch Ready for Supermarket Shelf

Simplicity. The ultimate requirement we all tend to comply with when producing flexible stand up packaging. At TECHNOLOGIA JSC, we design Super Pouch with those in mind, who will use it. We take into account the needs of both food and beverage industry producers and final consumers.

Super Pouch has the following advantages

For Food and Beverage Industry Producer

For Final Consumer

Super Pouch provides extra protection against oxygen, moisture, UV rays, contaminants etc., which extends shelf life of the product.

Nevertheless, many producers in food and beverage industry still have their doubts on whether to turn to flexible stand up packaging or not. Here in this article, we’ll try to explain that there is nothing to be worried about.

4 Basic Steps to Make Super Pouch Ready for Supermarket Shelf. La imagen 1

Super Pouch is very easy to use; just follow these four basic steps

Step 1. Take the Super Pouch out of a carton box. TECHNOLOGIA JSC guarantees that the Super Pouch is safe when stored and transported in the original box. It is made of solid carton that serves as an outer protection for our packaging. To safeguard the Super Pouch from any external influence, we also put a PE inserting-bag inside the carton box.

Step 2. Take the T-Tap out of the gland. Super Pouch is equipped with an excellent dispensing system (T-Tap). The tap is placed into a pre-locked position so that you can easily take it out of the gland before filling. It does not matter if you use an automatic filling line or fill in the Super Pouch manually.  T-Tap is adaptable either way.

Step 3. Fill in the product. Here the only thing you need to pay attention to is that the Super Pouch is fully on the table and does not bend while filling. That simple.

Step 4. Insert the T-Tap into the gland. Special locking mechanism between the tap and the gland prevents leakage and oxygen penetration. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that the tap is in correct position when inserted into the gland. Just have a look at the picture below.

4 Basic Steps to Make Super Pouch Ready for Supermarket Shelf. La imagen 2


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