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28 Febbraio, 2022

On the impostion of the martial law in Ukraine

On the impostion of the martial law in Ukraine. Image 1

By this letter TECHNOLOGIA JSC informs you that in accordance with the President’s of Ukraine Decree “On the impostion of the martial law in Ukraine” dated February 24th, 2022, No 64/2022, approved by the Law of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, No 2102-IX, martial law is imposed in Ukraine commencing from the 05:30 on February 24th, 2022.

According to the article 141 of the Law of Ukraine “On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine”, force majeure are, in particular, extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances that  objectively prevent the fulfillment of obligations under the terms of the contract (contract, agreement, etc.), responsibilities in accordance with legislative and other regulations, namely: threat of war, armed conflict or serious threat of such conflict, including, but not limited to enemy attacks, blockades, military embargoes, actions of foreign enemies, general military mobilizations, military actions, declared and undeclared war, actions of public enemy, riots, acts of terrorism, sabotage, piracy, riots, invasion, blockade, revolution, revolt, uprising mass riots, curfew, quarantine established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In regards with the the above, relating to the terms of agreement (contract) with your company, TECHNOLOGIA JSC declares the occurrence of force majeure under the agreement (contract).

The occurrence of force majeure is supported by the attached statement by the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and this information may be found at

On the impostion of the martial law in Ukraine. Image 2

Annex: Statement of Chamber of Commerce

On the impostion of the martial law in Ukraine. Image 3