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PVC Capsules for Wine Bottles

We offer you the wine caps made of thermo shrinkable film and polylaminate

Opening a wine bottle has already become a real ritual for its appraisers and sommeliers with lots of rules that have been cherished for years and are not to be broken. Some people call it uncorking, but in fact it always starts with the capsules.

Technologia offers a wide choice of polylaminate and PVC capsules for wine bottles made of cost-saving and eco-friendly materials and they are a perfect complement to this ritual.

Our R&D center constantly tests new materials in order to provide our customers with ecologically friendly solution using recyclable films and films containing recycled products.

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PVC Capsules Production

High quality heat contractible material helps to achieve perfect results of application of PVC capsules for wine bottles and other drinks even on the complex shape of the bottle neck while diverse polylaminate material options will add much more premium look to your bottle.

Metallized gloss of the laminate caps aluminum surface makes it possible to achieve incredible effects and depth of color, increasing the color range and eliminating the limits for designers’ creativity.

Whichever choice you make we have lots of decoration possibilities to offer to highlight your brand’s identity, such as multicolor printing, tactile varnish, foil stamping, embossing on the top disk and others.

Every uncorking ritual will become much easier and more pleasant with our capsules’ opening possibilities: horizontal and vertical tear-off tapes, a wide choice of perforations types and precut shapes.

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Polylaminate and PVC capsules


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