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21 July, 2020

Capsule for sparkling and champagne wines

You are a producer of sparkling or champagne wine? Then you definitely know what to do to make your wine be sold!

Capsule for decoration of your bottle is the finishing element of your piece of art! Capsules can attract buyers, capture their attention and make them want to get YOUR bottle!

Capsule for sparkling and champagne wines. Image 1


We offer a wide range of capsules dimensions from piccolo bottles to magnum ones. So that you definitely find something for you. Capsules for sparkling wine can repeat every bottle shape due to many taperings that we have. A range of decorative elements can help your wine look more attractive.

Or do you want to make a special edition dedicated to your anniversary or a new production method?

Full-color printing make it possible even to print your photo on the capsule and 3 colors of hot foil stamping will emphasize those elements which you would like to mark. Embossing will help you to feel tactically the beauty of the capsule. What we can also offer is customized embossing so that you can highlight your bottle on the shelf in the supermarket!

Any protection needed? Then you are on the right way! Capsules for sparkling wine made with hologram foils will help you to avoid counterfeits!

Solid top disks will fit nicely if you are looking for something special and premium.

Taking into account environmental problems we always keep pace with market demands. Capsules made of green material are eco friendly.


We are professionals of what we do. Our production circle starts and finishes at our plant (starting from film manufacturing and finishing with the final product – capsule). We offer short lead terms. We are always open with the customer and make all possible to satisfy your demands!

Need capsules rapidly? COVID 19?

No problem! We will deliver the capsules exactly where and when you need! Perfect production planning, team of professionals help you to relax and just wait for your piece of art to be delivered!

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