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Stand-up packaging is the growing trend in wine and spirits, dairy, juice processing and vegetable oils industries. Technologia JSC offers an innovative stand-up solution – Super Pouch.

Super Pouch is user-friendly and attractive, since it is easy to handle, store and transport liquid products, and with a colorful design, it will definitely catch your customers’ eye.

Super Pouch is a bag consisting of a dense multi-layer combined material produced by means of lamination.

Our production sector is equipped with a unique, modern machinery that is capable to produce the Super Pouch from 0,75L to 10L.


Milk products
Vegetable oils
Household chemicals
Chemicals for cars
Milk products
Vegetable oils
Household chemicals
Chemicals for cars

Super Pouch is made of a high-performing film barrier to oxygen

The product in our stand-up packaging is perfectly protected from light, moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is strong and tight, while being flexible, colorful and original.

We produce our Super Pouch only from the highest quality materials that provide high mechanical strength, opacity, barrier properties, as well as resistance to high temperatures. Our Super Pouch sustains the temperature of even 85oC.

The product is dispensed from our Super Pouch through the tap of our own production – T-Tap. It protects the product from penetration of dangerous substances owing to a special lock of the tap.

T-Tap – the system of liquid products dispensing that comprises beauty and convenience. We ensure high quality of the tap by constantly controlling each production stage.

Our T-Tap has the following advantages:

  • Self-closing. T-Tap closes immediately after you stop affect the lever.
  • Minimum oxygen permeability ensures long shelf-life of your product.
  • Special lock of the T-Tap and of the gland ensures reliable fixation of tap and prevents packaging refilling.

Super Pouch Advantages


Super Pouch is made of high quality films that do not affect the smell and taste of the contents, thereby preserving and protecting the quality of your valuable product;


Increases the expiry date of products after opening;


The strength of the Super Pouch barrier layer prevents the ingress of air into the product and protects it from direct sunlight thus preserving your product from the ingress of substances from the outside;


Packaging has an extensive advertising space sector as opposed to alternative packaging;


Super pouch packaging is flexible and durable. It does not break in contrast to glass containers;


Does not cause problems with recycling, reducing the impact on the environment and on the carbon footprint as compared with other types of packaging;


Provides a safe process for filling and storage;


Provides significant savings in transportation and storage.

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Technologia offers unique stand-up packaging solutions for wine and spirits, dairy, juice processing and vegetable oils industries

Barrel Bag – an exclusive shape that will definitely make your product stand out from the crowd. Technologia is the only supplier in Europe.

Transparent Super Pouch – an innovative solution that help the consumer see and enjoy the healthy color of the content.

Super Pouch with a supplementary internal layer – a life-saving solution for those products, for which the migration plays vital role.

It prevents the migration of harmful substances into your product.

Our R&D specialists are advanced-thinkers

R&D department specialists provide professional assistance in design creation according to our customers’ requirements

From inventing to implementation, our R&D specialists stay focused and dedicated to each project.

They approach each project individually which contributes to creation of a perfect Super Pouch design that emphasizes the uniqueness of your brand.

R&D takes part in:

  • Testing of products of a new configuration and the sizes together with internal laboratory;
  • Production of an experimental batch, testing on the customer’s equipment;
  • Approval of the main parameters of products and the launch of the industrial batch;
  • Testing of new materials for use in the manufacture of products in order to improve its quality.

The appearance of Super Pouch stand-up packaging is the long-awaited event that will change the look of the shelves and stands in stores!

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