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03 September, 2021

Customer-focused label: what should it look like

“A good label should stick well”, — jokes Filip Weymans. “We know that label needs to stick to the bottle. But, besides the bottle, it also has to ‘stick’ with the customer and encourage them to buy a product.” 

That is why manufacturers create unusual label designs using a variety of printing techniques. It makes a potential buyer interested in their product. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the growth of the alcoholic beverages market and what role label plays.

Customer-focused label: what should it look like. Image 1


Even though 2020 was challenging for all areas of business, and it negatively affected the development of most business activities, the alcoholic beverages market did not only maintain its position but also demonstrated 39.1% growth (according to The Distilled Spirits Council of The United States). In monetary terms, this is more than $1 billion.

A significant part of the market was occupied by sales through E-commerce. Marzette notes that in 2020, Internet Sales increased by 153% and the number of orders by 191%, respectively. Consumers began buying alcohol directly from their favorite wineries and online stores.

Key spirits that contributed to sales growth in the US market (according to the report by Distilled Spirits Council of The United States):

According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) report 2020, the world wine market is estimated at 258 million hectoliters. And more than its half is produced by only four countries: Italy (47.2 mhl), France (43.9 mhl), Spain (37.5 mhl) and the United States (24.7 mhl). Also, there has been significant growth in wine production in Australia, which has multiplied its production over the last decade.

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Does the label affect the growth of spirits sales? And do buyers pay attention to it? The answer to this question is “unequivocally, yes”.


According to the research by Wine Vine Analytics, the label is among the key factor in wine selection.

Patti Britton from Britton Design says, “Wine packaging is like a mini-poster that allows you to tell a story in just a few seconds. The design of the bottle should win the trust of the consumer and make him a loyal one even before tasting the product.”

Understanding what is eye-catchy for customers, and what motivates them to buy an exact drink, will help to develop a label that attracts customers and stimulates sales. According to the research, customers’ preferences for the label also vary depending on the price of the drink.

For instance, when choosing a wine that costs less than $20 per bottle, buyers pay attention to the labels with bright colors (red, orange, or gold). If the choice is between drinks in the price segment from $20, consumers prefer a traditional label with a more restrained design.

Companies more often choose new materials and labeling techniques to attract customers. For example, TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers self-adhesive labels made of flexible aluminum or printed on textured paper with an imitation of the desired material. At the customer’s request, we use a variety of printing techniques, including cold/hot stamping, multi-level embossing, and customized die-cut to emphasize the unique story of the brand.

As, according to the statistics, consumers appreciate labels with non-standard lighting and design, we produce labels with UV varnishes. It attracts the attention of the customer even in dark places: nightclubs or pubs. According to a survey by International Survey Research, 51% of consumers also value a good sense of humor and find a humorous label appealing. In addition, it is worth mentioning that 81% of buyers want the label to clearly deliver the message to the Buyer.

Hence, the main wishes of consumers to the label are:

As Riley Nay says, “Label should deliver the message of the brand and shape its perception in the mind of Consumer”. Do you have any doubts about the design? Our sales managers know what the label should look alike and will help you choose the best option for a bottle of any size and format.