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22 September, 2022


To predict the future of the packaging market, it is wise to investigate the development history and analyze the current market trends to see the vector of the packaging market movement. There are many obvious market trends today that have both positive aspects and those that need to be improved. For client-oriented suppliers, market trends analysis can help to forecast the guidepath of the packaging industry.

Three key trends of the flexible packaging market development are evident today. Let’s analyze them together:

1. E-commerce upswing

Long-term COVID-19 pandemic isolation forced people to switch to online shopping for large volumes of long-lived commodities as well as fresh food and daily necessities on an ongoing basis. The overgrowth of the e-commerce market forced manufacturers and sellers to look for new options for convenient and reliable packaging. As a result, the demand for flexible packaging in the food sector has quickly increased during 2020-2021. The industry continues fast-growing: from food safety assurance and shelf-life extension to innovative barrier solutions, strong printing, easy-to-use, and recycling.

As an example, manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages started to use flexible Bag-in-box and Super Pouch packaging. Moreover, large volume packages became very popular. Such a solution ensured packaging safety and eliminated the problem of glass bottles breaking and spilling liquid products during transportation to the client, as well as reducing packaging waste.

ENG Bag in box

2. Sustainable brand loyalty

Eco-friendly packaging is the biggest trend in the modern market. Consumers vote with their money for environmentally friendly products, showing loyalty to brands implementing sustainable development standards for their manufacturing. Therefore, consumers drive packaging suppliers to minimize manufacturing waste, maximize the usage of recyclable materials and focus on producing packaging that leaves a smaller carbon footprint.

The life cycle of flexible packaging demonstrates many sustainable advantages:

TECHNOLOGIA JSC works daily to achieve the global goals of sustainable development via a continuous process of business development and support of three key directions: “people” – “innovations and investments” – “saving the planet”. In 2021, we reduced plastics usage up to 44%, cut carbon footprint and solvent emissions up to 98%, and saved up to 40% in electricity consumption. Beyond that, we have increased the recycling of polylaminate and aluminum waste by 130% over the past 3 years.

ENG Sustainabilty

3. New design concepts

Design solutions are critical to creating cost-effective, easy-to-use, and sustainable packaging. The main trends in the design of flexible packaging on the market during the last few years are as follows:

A package that can be easily opened, but still guarantees safe storage, takes the first place in the design lay-out. Brands continue working on the implementation of high-quality standards for their products including assuring the packaging integrity throughout the entire logistics chain. Using tamper-evident liners and labels, caps & closures, termoshrinkable capsules, etc., manufacturing companies guarantee that the product inside hasn’t been touched since it was packaged. Moreover, brand owners try to protect the originality of their products with special labels and smart tags at the very beginning of new design concept planning.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own manufacture of T-tap with a protective tear-off tape to ensure the integrity of its Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging and guarantee that the contents of the package have been preserved originally.

Tear-off T-tap ENG

Space-saving packaging will also be the rule. Companies are increasingly using minimalist design for their packaging as consumers look for products with less packaging material to reduce waste, enabling them to have an impact on environmental issues.

Transparent packaging is increasingly appearing on shelves as packaging designers want to emphasize the importance of interactive experience for the shoppers. When customers can easily see the product inside and feel its texture, they are more likely to buy it.

Super Pouch is the most popular flexible packaging in 2022

The market segment of stand-up Super Pouch is expected to have the highest growth rate up to 20% in 2022. Due to the growing popularity of ready-to-eat foods, as well as the demand for lightweight and flexible packaging, Super Pouches are going to become the leader among packaging options this year.

Pouch demand ENG

In the light of such market trends, manufacturers are improving their technologies of pouch production. They develop innovative materials and tap sealing mechanisms to preserve products longer, as well as the latest high-tech equipment designed to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the production process.

Technologia Flexible Packaging

At Technologia JSC we understand how important it is to keep evolving technology in the packaging industry. We can offer our clients different sustainable solutions for Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging.

Write us today at baginbox@technologia.com.ua and find out how we can work together to achieve success for your brand.