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21 December, 2020

R&D Studio – enormously effective tool to develop perfect packaging for our customers

Eye-opening research and strong dedication to development lead to creating smarter packaging.

Flexible packaging production in a highly competitive environment requires profound knowledge, cutting-edge technology and thirst for products and processes innovation. TECHNOLOGIA JSC within 30 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry has developed its innovations owing to team’s strong dedication to advanced projects and owing to high-tech machinery our production site and laboratories are equipped with. TECHNOLOGIA JSC with a solid team of professionals in Research and Development listens to the consumer insight and creates advanced flexible packaging solutions for liquid products.

R&D Studio – enormously effective tool to develop perfect packaging for our customers. Image 1

The main activities of our Research and Development Studio involve the following:

  1. Quality improvement through new materials implementation in flexible packaging production.
  2. In collaboration with internal laboratory, testing of a new flexible packaging configuration and dimensions.
  3. Participation in the production of an experimental batch.
  4. Technical support during the trials on the customer’s equipment.
  5. Approval of final parameters of the flexible packaging for the launch of the industrial batch.
  6. Assistance in creating Super Pouch design.


Quality comes not from the inspection, but from improvement of production processes. – Deming Edwards.

Flexible packaging designed and made for food and beverage industry has to be reliable in terms of technical excellence (perfect sealing, absence of leakage etc.) and in terms of its compatibility with the product. It has to comply with multiple standards as well. When it comes to the development of new materials for our Bag-in-box and Super Pouch packaging, our R&D specialists carefully study what functions our flexible packaging options are supposed to fulfill.

The materials we choose to produce Bag-in-box and Super Pouch for our customers shield a product against oxygen, light, moisture, temperature fluctuations and any other outer influence.  We do our best to offer you the advanced flexible packaging solution that will extend your product shelf life.


Our primary goals in any packaging development project is to offer you the flexible packaging option you want to work with. Our R&D team speaks your language to make sure our Bag-in-box and Super Pouch fully meet your requirements and have no difficulties in their industrial application. Our ultra-modern laboratories are well equipped to test our packaging with your product imitating your filling, storage and transportation conditions.


Research and Development activities always result in a systematic creative work, where our customers receive truly unique, stand-out packaging with visually striking designs. Whether you need to slightly refresh your brand, or you need to launch a new product line, we’ll turn your ideas into reality. Our designers at R&D studio with full attention to your vision will help you make unforgettable initial impression that boosts your shelf presence to a completely new level.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC – reliable flexible packaging producer and supplier that constantly grows together with its customers.  Our approach to each project involves direct participation of the Research and Development team in order to offer you flexible packaging that protects the freshness of your product, reduces your storage and transportation costs and serves as an efficient marketing tool for your brand.