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12 May, 2022

CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 1)

Luxury packaging does not guarantee the highest quality of the product itself, however, product appearance affects the consumer expectations of potential buyers. The manufacturer has an opportunity to express its brand philosophy and competitive advantages via product packaging.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC is an experienced manufacturer and packaging supplier for wine and spirits, food, pharmaceutical, technical and chemical industries.

Label printing is one of the JSC TECHNOLOGIA divisions, which we would like to introduce.


CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 1). Image 1

The label helps to identify the product: brand name, manufacturer, country of origin, ingredients, and terms of use. It worth to say that the label is a brief business card for your product. Therefore, it best when label design entrusted to professional designers and manufacturers.

A variety of materials with different compositions, structures, textures, thicknesses, etc. are used in labels production. TECHNOLOGIA JSC is mainly focused on production of premium self-adhesive labels using more than 50 types of various materials.

The most popular are aluminum labels, whose unique physical properties in combination with professionally developed printing and finishing technologies enable us to create sculptured multi-level embossing and a variety of complex imitations such as wood, stone, pewter, leather etc. These unique custom-made metal labels can complete a classic design or become a centerpiece of your brand’s contemporary style.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC integrated approach to project management involves the most successful technical solutions for the manufacturing of final products. Label production is a labor-intensive process as described below:

  1. Order agreement and layout confirmation protocol approval
  2. Technical process development
  3. Prepress and color-separation
  4. Label printing
  5. Label finishing
  6. Quality control
  7. Packaging and shipment

Label production combines true art and technology at the same time. To implement a creative idea, first and foremost, it is necessary to correctly determine the goals, and then combine them along with technical capabilities.

Step 1. Order agreement and layout confirmation protocol approval

At this stage, our managers need to get as many details about the project as possible. The more information we will get, the better technical specification will be prepared and the more expected end result the customer will receive.

Important aspects of project brief:

Our managers work closely with our designers and production engineers to coordinate the order with the customer and develop the label. At the stage of layout discussion, it is necessary to determine the printing method, material substrate, finishings, as well as any other details of the label manufacturing technology.

At the stage of design development and confirmation, our specialists can advise and offer the best options to improve your label look, using advanced printing capabilities. All joint efforts result in layout confirmation protocol signed by both parties, what determines the final label appearance.

CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 1). Image 2

Step 2. Layout prepress

Layout preparation is the most important and time-consuming part of the label manufacturing process. After layout protocol approval, our design studio makes color separation and adopts layout to suit our technical process: computer modeling, even the smallest details are manually amended to meet technical limitations, and color separation is being made. Our pre-press engineers also adapt the layout to the technical characteristics of the selected printing method, determine the ink printing sequence and additional finishes. Finally, once prepress is completed, our design studio orders required tooling (printing forms, cutting knives, clichés, etc.) from our contractors.

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In the second part of the article, we will focus on the label printing and the finishing options, as well as the quality control and logistics.