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26 May, 2022

CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 2)

Label printing is one of the TECHNOLOGIA JSC business activities, which we started to describe in Part 1. We specialize in the production of premium aluminum self-adhesive labels. In the previous web post we explained the main aspects of label production process. Today we are going to continue our guide with a focus on printing and finishing, quality control, and shipment to the end customer.

Step 3. Label printing

CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 2). Image 1

The main printing methods used by TECHNOLOGIA JSC: flexo, offset, and screen printing. Each of them has its pros and cons and can be used depending on the design requirements. In this article, we want to dwell on the flexographic printing method, which is widely used in self-adhesive label production.

Briefly speaking, flexo printing process could be described as follows:

  1. The roll of material substrate is being installed in the printing machinery input of the label and sequentially passes through the printing sections according to required color separation specification, where one after another UV ink is applied onto the substrate surface. The number of sections involved in the printing process depends on the number of colors and additional finishes required, for example: to apply varnish or foil stamping an additional section should be used,
  2. in the end of machinery pass, there is a section for die-cutting and rewinding the finished labels into a roll,
  3. depending on the project complexity, afterwards the printed material may undergo additional finishing processes.

A significant advantage of flexography is a simplicity of the technological process, that results in the following advantages:

Step 4. Label finishing

After the printing machinery, labels on a roll in most cases undergo additional finishing processes if that is considered in the design specification. Among the additional finishes we can provide the following options:

Self-adhesive labels TechnologiaBottle label printing
Self-adhesive bottle lable printingAlu self-adhesive bottle label production

Advanced printing capabilities in combination with various finishing methods allow our customers to get high-quality labels with a complex design, while our high production capacities enable us to provide attractive lead-times.

Step 5. Quality control

TECHNOLOGIA JSC quality and safety policies meet all consumer requirements and comply with international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. We have passed an independent European EcoVadis audit for corporate social responsibility and have been ranked among top 30% trusted suppliers for the European market.

Quality control is a two-stage process, where machinery operators provide visual quality control on the line and afterwards QC department specialists inspect each batch of labels. Based on the QC test results, the QC department issues a quality assurance certificate for each bulk order with the following information: product name, quantities, batch number and manufacture date, technical characteristics, guaranteed shelf life, and validity statement.

Apart from this, more than 20 years of experience in the label business enables us to deeply understand what happens with our labels during the operational process, transportation, and further storage. We carry out laboratory trials and investigations of label properties. Adhesion strength, adhesive coating weight, Sutherland Rub test, Alcohol test, Print Robustness, transit and climatic tests – are the main quality indicators that can be inspected in our laboratory. These standard trial methods for evaluating main label properties, published by the European Association of Self-Adhesive Labels (FINAT) commonly used in EU.

CLIENTS GUIDE: how we print self-adhesive labels (Part 2). Image 2

Step 6. Packaging and shipment

After the printing and finishing process at the output, we obtain a huge roll of labels. Normally, such roll requires further slitting and rewinding into smaller rolls of the required diameter and size to meet the requirements of application equipment. If the client wants to apply labels manually, it is possible to slit the rolls in sheets. At this stage, labels undergo the final visual inspection as well.

Products ready for dispatch are packed in solid cardboard boxes with protective corners and stacked on a pallet. We deliver our products all over the world by any means of transport.

Our advantages:

TECHNOLOGIA JSC philosophy is based on building honest, open, and long-term relationship with the customer.

By virtue of qualified personnel, modern high-tech printing equipment, production process automatization, precise quality control, and a well-established logistics infrastructure, we can provide high-quality label printing and attractive lead times.

Reach out us at label@technologia.com.ua to find out more about our premium labels.