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10 May, 2023

SPARKLING WINE CAPSULES PRODUCTION: the way from customer concept to order performance (part 2)

The sparkling wine capsule atop the wine bottle is the pinnacle of winemakers’ hard work. Therefore, when it comes to the capsule production, TECHNOLOGIA JSC gives a lot of attention even to the smallest detail, so that your wine bottle has a perfect look on a supermarket shelf or on a restaurant table. In Part 1 we have already started to explore how your packaging ideas come alive in our production. We invite you to continue our virtual tour. We have no doubt that together we can tell your brand story and capture the hearts of wine lovers.

4. Technical task development and capsule production planning

When the order is finally approved, the sales manager coordinates the terms and production details with the planning department, which organizes the full production cycle: material production and formatting, printing, and capsule production. Planners together with production technicians start working on the technical task. Planning and automation of production processes give us the opportunity to produce high-quality products in the shortest possible timeline.

5. Materials manufacturing for capsules production

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own production of polyethylene films, multi-layer laminate, top disc and tear-off tape, using various types of raw materials. We have solid experience and analyse wine market packaging needs on regular bases. Our own materials’ production allows us to fulfil individual exclusive orders. A wide range of flexible polylaminate thicknesses (from 50 to 120 microns) allow us to supply capsules for most bottles used for bottling wine. In this way, we can meet the needs of winemakers focused on mass production and those working on exclusive wines.

6. Image printing on the canvas of future champagne capsule

After lamination and cutting, the finished material is moved to printing sector. Full colour printing machines allow us to print any image on the capsule and highlight the elements you would like to point out. Our colour laboratory allows us to reproduce the accurate colour of the product from run to run and significantly reduce time and material costs.


7. Sparkling wine capsules finishing and winding

At this stage, our capsules are decorated and winded into the finished product. Depending on the type of material and approved design, TECHNOLOGIA JSC offers many finishing options for sparkling wine capsules: grooving, perforating, colour foils hot stamping, embossing, large top disc, UV labels and UV images, etc. We can also produce capsules without or with medallion of different shapes. Owing to the wide finishing techniques, our sparkling wine capsule will come a real art of packaging and make your wine bottle stand out!

8. Quality control at every stage of production

To ensure constant high quality of the final products, our quality department controls many parameters at once at every stage of production. The quality certificate is issued for each batch of goods.

Along with control activity, our quality department is engaged in research. In the laboratory with special equipment, we test the physicochemical and physicomechanical properties of raw materials, as well as the geometric parameters of the final products and their compliance with the gold standard samples. We also test our capsules in close-to-real conditions, when simulate the production environment of our clients and research them against various requirements.

9. Packaging and delivery to the client

After the order has been fulfilled, the managers prepare the necessary documents and plan the shipment. We pack each order according to the client’s requirements and transport to any country in the world.

We treat our work with the absolute respect and honour for your brands. On the path from the first client request to the long-term cooperation, TECHNOLOGIA JSC assists customers grow their businesses through our highly functional wine & spirits packaging production process.


Together with the supply of standard and premium sparkling wine capsules, Technologia JSC offers more packaging solutions for wine & spirits:

Write us at capsule@technologia.com.ua. We will help you bring to life the bold packaging ideas for your wine brand.