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30 April, 2023

SPARKLING WINE CAPSULES PRODUCTION: the way from customer concept to order performance (part 1)

Brands pursue to create an emotional bond with potential consumers. That is one of the reasons why so much attention is paid to packaging design. Wine bottle capsules have the same important purpose: to attract attention and talk about the product. Consumers research confirms that people prefer packaging that not only guarantee the product safety, but also has an aesthetic appearance and is easy to open.

Sparkling wine capsule is a part of wine culture. It presents the brand and talks about winemaking traditions. Capsules were first used in the 18th century to protect the cork in the bottleneck during storage, transportation, and aging. This was especially important for wines that were intended for long cellaring before consumption. At first the capsule served as a barrier between the cork and the environment: it protected the cork and the wine in the bottle from deterioration due to mould, insects, and rodents. Capsules also helped to identify wines during horizontal storage in wine cellars. Later, it became a tamper-evident device against adulteration of wine and an element of bottle identity, with the help of which brands still communicate with their customers.

Why do winemakers use sparkling wine capsules today?

1. Saves the bottleneck from the direct contact with dirt, moisture and protect the cork from deterioration and desiccation.

2. Guarantees the quality purchase, proving bottle integrity from the bottling place to consumer hands.

3. Provides better brand awareness as create a total-look brand identity together with the bottle label.


TECHNOLOGIA JSC specializes on packaging manufacturing for food & beverages as well as wine & spirits. Sparkling wine capsules production is one of business activities of TECHNOLOGIA JSC. Today we are talking about the place of sparkling wine capsules in winemaking and invite you to walk the capsule production path from customer’s idea to final performance.

We provide the full production cycle of sparkling wine bottle capsules: from film and polylaminate production, engineering and equipment manufacturing to printing and finishing. We care about the perfection of our capsules even in the smallest details to reflect the authenticity, elegance, and passion of your brand.

All these facts determine our advantages:

– ideal production planning,

– verified suppliers of raw materials,

– coordinated team of professionals,

– short production time,

– quality control at each production stage,

international certification according to ISO standards,

– fast delivery to any country in the world.


process of sparkling wine capsules production

1. Coordination of order details with the client

Sales managers support the process of capsules manufacturing from the order placement to the final product delivery and keep in contact with each client after sale.

2. Research & Development of sparkling wine capsules

During the discussion of order details sales manager can invite our R&D center. Our R&D engineers and designers’ team can develop individual packaging solutions based on client’s needs and design choices to get a real art of packaging in a result.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC experienced R&D center can provide:

3. Sparkling wine capsule design and approval

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has its own design studio. Our designers work on each project continuously from the moment we have received a new order to the final product performance. In constant cooperation with the R&D center and production technologists, designers develop and finalize the capsule design, conduct pre-press procedures, and order the necessary tools for printing and finishing. Developing future sparkling wine capsule design layout, we aim to meet all the customer packaging needs: capsule size, type of material, colour, finishing and protection details, additional elements (tear-off tape, perforation, airholes), etc. When the design is finally approved with the customer, preparation for direct manufacturing begins.

Next steps on the way of sparkling wine capsule production please read on the part 2.