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24 December, 2021

Tamper-evidence: thermoshrinkable capsules for product safety

We cannot rule out that there is a possibility the goods after they have been manufactured and released to the market can become defective. It concerns the product itself or its packaging and can cause harm to the consumers or a private company. The food and beverages, medicines, health goods are at high risk to be tampered with, so some packaging security is needed to be integrated to keep customers safe and company reputation inviolate.


Everybody wants to be assured that the product he or she is buying hasn’t been touched since it was packaged. That is why we trust the companies we are sure to provide safe goods. To make their products visibly intact for consumers, manufacturers may use tamper-evident packaging. It helps to prevent the product from accidentally opening. A tamper-evident package has an indicator if gapped can provide visible proof to the consumer that tampering has occurred.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of anti-tampering technologies on the packaging market. The most used are:

  1. Tamper-evident caps & closures. It is the most popular tamper-proofing method. The global caps and closures market is segmented based on raw materials (plastic or metal) and applications (food, beverages, healthcare, cosmetics & toiletries, pharmaceutical, etc.). It is mostly used for protecting glass and plastic bottles. Tamper-evident closures can include a tear-away strip or a pop-up safety button which allows the consumer to see that the package has not been tampered with.
  2. Tamper-evident liners. They are commonly applied to drugs and cosmetics containers and other goods with long shelf life. Besides tamper-evidence characteristics seal liners keep the product from leaking and preserve its freshness. These liners are often made with adhesive multiple layer materials, so consumers should break them to gain access to the product inside.
  3. Tamper-evident labels. This is a common tamper-evidence issue for the spirits industry. Such labels easily break when you need to remove the bottle closure. Moreover, they have an adhesive layer that when peeled will leave behind residue, thus enhancing its tamper-evident purpose. Tamper-evident labels form a seal over the cap to give a quick indication that the product is safe before being purchased.
  4. Tamper-evident tape. It commonly has word markings to show the opening place that clearly indicates a package has not been altered. It has an aggressive adhesive layer that makes it difficult to remove but, if destructed, leave marks.
  5. Thermoshrinkable capsules. It is the most inexpensive tamper-evident option. They are applied over a cap or a bottleneck and are common for food and beverage packaging. You can typically find such shrink capsules around the cap of the wine and spirits bottles, pickle or jam jars, oil bottles and other similar products. Thermoshrinkable capsule is a PVC or PET overcap that is put on the bottleneck. Next, a heating process is carried out with a heat tunnel or heat gun resulting in uniform shrinking of the ring around the closure. It is needed to break the tamper-evident neckband to open the cap.

Notable benefits of packaging inviolability include:


While googling “tamper-evidence for sauces and oil”, you will generally find rigid plastic closures, which are mostly used by manufacturers. But the world is moving to a sustainable future and the role of the closures is actively gaining new meanings. One of them, and a highly important one, is additional protection through the usage of a recyclable cap with the tamper-evident feature.

Rising counterfeiting activities in the alcoholic beverages market likely boosted the demand for tamper-evident seals. But anti-tamper closures don’t only work for wine and spirits. A similar solution is also reasonable for the food industry, especially when it comes to ketchup, olive oil and juice.

Thermoshrinkable capsules are used as a resistant seal over the tops of plastic and glass bottles, jars, vials, and metal tins. They are available with or without perforations and are easy for anyone to apply. А combination of thermoshrinkable tamper-evident capsules with traditional twist-off metal closures or screw caps also become a standard for the food and beverages market.

The main advantages to packaging with tamper-evident thermoshrinkable capsules are:

Thermoshrinkable capsule is the most cost-effective choice available on the market for tamper-evident packaging. It is inexpensive to compare with caps and other closures and is easy to apply, saving the manufacturer time and money.

Thermoshrinkable capsule does not contact the product inside but can maintain the freshness and protect the closure from accidental opening and as a result from leaks and spills. It is important for the purpose of food waste reducing and securing the original product quality.

Thermoshrinkable capsules strengthen packaging design and can be used as an additional space for marketing elements.

Tamper-evidence: thermoshrinkable capsules for product safety. Image 1


TECHNOLOGIA JSC has many success stories with the companies, which use tamper-evident thermoshrinkable capsules for wine and spirits. But food manufacturers also take care of tamper-proof packaging. For instance, a new line of sauces in a bottle was launched by Ukrainian TM Runa, where the genuine cap is overcapped with tamper-evident thermoshrinkable capsules. In addition to the elegance of product design, PVC capsules have a protection function. Due to the tight shrinkage around the bottleneck, it is impossible to re-cap the bottle without obvious signs of opening.

Our thermoshrinkable capsules main advantages are the following:

  1. suitable to use even on the complex shape of the bottleneck;
  2. various decoration possibilities such as multicolor printing, tactile varnish, foil stamping, embossed top disk, etc.;
  3. wide size range of capsules suitable for small bottles and large jars;
  4. horizontal and vertical tear-off tapes, a wide choice of perforation and precut shapes.

Using thermoshrinkable capsules is the most convenient and easiest way to protect your products, customers and business reputation. TECHNOLOGIA JSC can offer any design and unusual marketing solution, which will emphasize the product in the best way. Our team is always ready to assist you and help with implementation from the idea to the eye-catching product on the shelf.

Please contact us at capsule@technologia.com.ua