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22 October, 2022


Every manufacturer aims to catch clients’ first impressions. That’s why product visual plays an important role in the creation of brand appearance and is a unique message to the buyer, which helps to identify the product and increase brand awareness. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the brand name of a liked drink, but buyers will remember its original packaging.

Creating an attractive packaging is one of the most effective ways to encourage a buyer to buy your product among dozens of competitors. Marketing research shows that the packaging design of a new product at market plays a decisive role in making a purchase decision for more than 60% of buyers. This indicator exceeds the result of the influence of television advertising in several times.

Packaging design for wine & spirits industry has its own characteristics. A happy blend of color, shape, materials, and fonts makes the spirits bottle visual more expressive, recognizable, and eye-catching for true brand fans.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has many years of experience working on packaging projects for world leaders in sparkling wines production. Our design bureau, together with production technologists, develops the exquisite decorations for champagne bottles of various shapes, colors, and structures using only high-quality materials of our own production. Our professionalism in film extrusion and foil lamination, as well as extensive experience in the production of sparkling wines capsules and wirehoods, self-adhesive labels printing, allowed us to become one of the world leaders in packaging for wine & spirits industry.

Wine & spirits packaging design trends

Modern trends in the development of packaging for wine and spirit beverages help manufacturers to emphasize their individuality and create a strong emotional connection between brand and its fans. Designers, marketers and packaging manufacturers work together to ensure that the shape, color and decoration of the bottle are harmoniously combined and reflect the history and character of the drink inside the bottle in the best way.

Recent years show that global trends in sparkling wine bottles designing are developing in two directions:

1. Maintenance of the classic style of the champagne bottle, which emphasizes the brand loyalty to the long-standing winemaking traditions. It is based on an elegant color scheme, a lot of gold or silver, heraldic elements, decorative or Gothic fonts. The idea of this trend is to create a special mood, a feeling of touching history, balancing between the past and the present.

2. The development of a modern champagne bottle design style, boldly demonstrating the brand’s commitment to innovation and experimentation. The modern design uses bright or pastel colors and trendy elements and images that are unconventional for the wine industry, which evoke bright associations and play out a whole show on store shelves. Creating such an emotional connection arouses the buyer’s curiosity and encourages him to buy.

Champagne and sparkling wine bottles packaging features

Packaging and labeling are the last stages of any product on its way to the consumer. The process of packing champagne or any sparkling wine is as follows:

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Complex packaging solution for sparkling wine bottle

TECHNOLOGIA JSC is a well-known and reliable manufacturer and supplier of packaging for the wine & spirits industry. We are convinced that a comprehensive approach to the design and manufacture of each element of the champagne or sparkling wine bottle packaging is always a guarantee that all the bottle packaging elements will be perfectly combined with each other.

For more than 25 years, we have specialized in the production of sparkling wine capsules, wirehoods and self-adhesive labels for wine & spirits brands from more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Each of our projects is an individual work, we strive to make it unique from the design development stage to the industrial production process, so for us it is not just a business, but the art of packaging.

Looking for optimized eye-catching packaging solutions for your bottle of sparkling wine, designed perfectly for maximum product and brand protection, shipping efficiency, and sustainability? Please reach our managers at capsule@technologia.com.ua, to learn more about our bottle decoration options.

We offer design development for maximum brand protection, optimization of transport costs and sustainable development of your business.