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28 February, 2023

SUPER POUCH: eco-friendly packaging production

Environmental concerns become more visible among contemporary consumers, so more and more people consider if the product and its packaging is eco-friendly when making a purchase decision. TECHNOLOGIA JSC as sustainable packaging manufacturer applies the principles of sustainable development in its production process, doing everything possible to minimize waste, reduce energy and non-renewable resources consumption. Eco-friendly packaging solutions allow us to contribute to nature protection, while drawing the attention of food & beverage as well as technical manufacturers to look at the environmental sensitivities of their customers as well.

Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies indicatively estimates stand-up flexible packaging the market leader among packaging materials in 2022 due to the demand for light, compact and convenient packaging among end consumers. The Super Pouch market had the highest growth rate among all packaging types. Read full research of flexible packaging market trends in our blog.

TECHNOLOGIA JSC has been producing Super Pouch since 2017. Closed production cycle, starting from own production of polyethylene film, combined materials and closures to the end packages manufacturing and printing, is the guarantee of our product quality, because we carefully control all technological processes at every stage and test the end products in our modern laboratories. When manufacturing Super Pouches, we focus on such important elements as strength and tear resistance, food safety, product shelf-life extension and freshness preservation, as well as its protection from environmental influence.

Super Pouch VS Traditional rigid packaging

We produce our products thinking about sustaining the nature for future generations, but at the same time we strive to maintain the high efficiency of the packaging.

Eco-friendly benefits of Super Pouch packaging

1. Less plastics consumption

Comparing production of different packaging types, Super Pouch manufacturing requires less plastics, because flexible packaging has more compact size and less weight, while containing the same amount of the product. For example, production of 1L Super Pouch package uses 57% less plastic compared to the production needs for 1L plastic bottle. And to produce T-Tap Low we use up to 44% less plastics due to the size reduction without losing functional properties.

2. Reducing the transport impact on the environment

Our packaging is made in Europe, so it travels shorter distances to the end consumers, with lower fuel costs and a lower carbon footprint than other traditional packaging options. Moreover, Super Pouches are light and flexible, that allows us to transport much more packages in one truck. Flexible packaging allows to minimize the number of trucks for delivery compared to rigid packaging.

3. Innovative materials

Flexible Super Pouch packaging was designed to minimize the use of packaging materials. Developing the projects of Super Pouch packages for each client, we select the most suitable materials to meet the needs in packaging for each product. We use materials such as PE, EVOH, PET, metPET to create highly efficient but sustainable packaging solutions. We manufacture combined materials based on these components, thus controlling that your product inside our package is perfectly protected from sunlight, oxygen, moisture, UV rays, microbiological contamination, and other environmental factors.

Furthermore, our R&D department is constantly working to find solutions to reduce the impact of Super Pouch production on the environment:

4. Extending the shelf life of the product – reducing the amount of food waste

Together with the development of innovative materials, we are improving our technologies to produce mechanisms for dispensing system. Our T-Tap dispenser provide convenient portioning and hermetic capping that help preserve products longer and reduce food waste.

T-Tap closes immediately after you stop affect the lever. A special mechanism inside ensures minimum oxygen permeability, increasing the shelf-life of your product. Also, we offer T-Tap with foil membrane to prevent dirt and bacteria contamination.

5. Investments in innovation promote waste sorting

We offer our customers the production of standard black T-Tap using an alternative NIR-Detectable black pigments. We also started manufacturing T-Tap Natural without using carbon black pigment to facilitate the sorting and recycling of our dispensers.

SUPER POUCH: eco-friendly packaging production


Responsibility in such fields as honest business conduct and uninterrupted supply, creation of decent working conditions and environmental protection are the basis of our corporate culture on the way to sustainable development and building circular economy. We aim to preserve the essential functions of the packaging while minimizing the impact on the environment throughout its life cycle. Lower use of resources, easier transport, barrier properties that protect the products, sorting and recycling have a positive effect on the sustainability of flexible packaging.

In 2022 TECHNOLOGIA JSC as a responsible packaging manufacturer for the food industry received the highest AA grade to produce Bag-in-box and Super Pouch flexible packaging under BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials.

To contact our team, write to baginbox@technologia.com.ua

We are always ready to offer an individual flexible packaging solution just for your unique product!