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29 June, 2021

Why ice cream packaging is important

A cold and delicious dessert that comes in handy for a quick snack and helps quench your thirst. In general, there are many reasons for choosing this product, and manufacturers annually invent new flavors to satisfy the most demanding customers. As you may have guessed, today we are going to talk about the most relevant product of the hot season. It is an ice cream, namely its packaging as it plays an important role in preserving the properties of the product.

Why ice cream packaging is important. Image 1

Packaging for frozen products has its specifics. Firstly, the packaging determines how safely and for how long the products will be stored, whether their quality and taste properties will not deteriorate during freezing and transportation. It is important that the packaging does not stick to the product and retains its marketable appearance.

The specifics of ice cream and other frozen products limit the list of materials that can be used for packaging. Therefore, it should be chosen seriously and with a special attention to the material that meets market requirements, is durable and does not allow moisture and odors.

To choose the ideal material for ice cream packaging, you need to follow these steps.


As of 2020, the most popular ice cream is the classic one. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, it is preferred by over 80% of the population. It is proved that when choosing products, Ukrainians firstly pay attention to the appearance of packaging, composition, and product’s taste.

Interesting fact: Scientists have proven that eating ice cream is useful! In addition to stimulating the production of serotonin, also known as the “hormone of happiness”, ice cream also boosts immunity, stimulates mental activity, lowers blood pressure, and strengthens bone tissue. And it contains about 100 valuable substances for the body. In short, it is simply impossible to say “No!” to an ice cream.


The main task of the packaging is a protection against:

Fat-resistant and suitable for freezing materials are used for ice cream packaging. Therefore, it is advisable to choose combined and laminated materials for packaging, such as foil, and different variations of combining foil with paper or polymers.

As the “nostalgic” classic ice cream occupies the highest positions on the ice cream market in Ukraine and the CIS countries, Technologia JSC offers packaging materials primarily associated with childhood. Referring to that time, they are also associated with quality products that comply with national DSTU standards. We make packaging from foil and composite material based on foil. This packaging has the following advantages:

Environmental friendliness is another important point to pay attention to when choosing packaging materials.

Each year the UN declares sustainable development goals, which are also considered and supported by the National Commission of Ukraine. Among them is a goal number 12, which is called “Responsible consumption”. In its frames, producers must effectively manage natural resources, help reduce waste and support the recycling process.

The material offered by Technologia JSC for ice cream packaging is suitable for recycling.

Ice cream packaging is more important than it may seem at first glance. But everything ingenious is simple. The key to success is choosing the right material and packaging design, which our managers will assist you with.